Annual Scholarship Recognition

Even though LRSC is one of the least expensive colleges in North Dakota, many would-be students find the costs beyond reach. Annual Scholarships help students overcome financial barriers and “soar” to new heights. They provide a financial boost and recognition which strengthens confidence and helps students stay focused on the finish line—completing their certificates and degrees. Annual Scholarship and Program Support sponsors are committed to making a donation each year for a period of five years or longer. Commitments of $500 per year, or larger, are encouraged.
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Named Endowment Recognition

The Community College Foundation proudly accepts gifts to endowed funds that provide support for work that is core to the mission of Lake Region State College. Currently, gifts of $15,000 or greater are required to establish “named” endowments. Gifts of lesser amounts can be directed to support any currently established endowment. When a named endowment is established, the donor may direct its earnings to be used to support scholar-ships, instructional programming, or priority needs of the college as they emerge.
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Hall of Fame

Special people have built and preserved this special college. Often, these individuals received little recognition for their hard work and dedication. The Hall of Fame was unveiled in June of 1991 as part of the college’s fiftieth anniversary.
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