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Lake Region State College uses Microsoft Office 365 as part of the NDUS for our email solutions.

How to log in

  1. Click HERE to log in, or go to the MY LRSC and click email.
  2. Username:
  3. Password: YourCampusConnectionPassword


Lake Region State College, recognizing the growing need for timely, efficient, and consistent communication with students, has established email as an official means of communication with students.

Limits and Regulations: Students who have applied to Lake Region State College are assigned an email address, username, and password.

  1. The campus email address will be considered the “official email address” of LRSC and will be the primary contact the college may use to inform students of important campus information. Some of this information may include deadlines, policy/procedure changes, changes in degree requirements, special events, course schedule changes, as well as other useful information from the Administration and/or Academic departments on campus.
  2. The student will be responsible for the information conveyed to their official email address. The college will not be responsible for the handling of the email by outside vendors or unofficial servers. When students do not use their LRSC-assigned email account, or they forward email from that account to another account, vital information may not be conveyed if the email is unopened or the associated attachment is not forwarded. An unopened email or having an email redirected does not relieve a student of the responsibilities associated with communication sent to their official LRSC email address.
  3. Students are expected to check their official LRSC email on a frequent and consistent basis to stay current with College events, dates for submitting materials, and other campus communications. It is recommended that the students access their email accounts daily.
  4. This email account is free of charge and is active as long as the student remains enrolled at the college.

Portions of this policy are drawn from those developed by the University of Colorado at Boulder, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Minnesota Medical School, University of North Dakota, Bismarck State College, and the Eastman School of Music.


Administrative Council Approved 08/02/06
Administrative Council Approved Update 06/11/15

Using Office 365 Suite for FREE through your email

After logging in to your email, click Install Office to install the Office 365 Suite on your computer or use the online versions.