Annual Scholarship Recognition Event

Allow students to SOAR!

Even though LRSC is one of the least expensive colleges in North Dakota, many would-be students find the costs beyond reach. Annual Scholarships help students overcome financial barriers and “soar” to new heights. They provide a financial boost and recognition which strengthens confidence and helps students stay focused on the finish line—completing their certificates and degrees.

How it works

Annual Scholarship and Program Support sponsors are committed to making a donation each year for a period of five years or longer. Commitments of $500 per year, or larger, are encouraged.

Sponsors work with Community College Foundation staff to define priorities for using donated funds. The Enrollment Management Office employs an effective process for selecting exemplary scholarship recipients, and college faculty members take part in identifying instructional program needs. Sponsors and current-year scholarship recipients are recognized on a plaque prominently displayed at the college.

Each spring, the Community College Foundation hosts the Annual Recognition Event. Sponsors of annual scholarships have the opportunity to meet their student recipients, and program sponsors are recognized for their essential support.

Annual Scholarship Awards 2020-2021


Name Scholarship                                                              Recipient

Burckhard, John                                                                  Matisyn Moses
Anderson, Lance                                                                 Beau Feltman

Ankenbauer, Kevin & Donna                                          Broden Kriesel

Brekke, Samantha and Desilee                                    Hailey Vigen

Cenex Harvest States                                                       Brady Larson
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Andrew Muhs
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Tyler Lee
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Austin Kratochvil
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Jarrel McGarvey
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Zachary Ohma
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Kutter Blumhagen
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Conner Fike
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Beau Feltman
Cenex Harvest States                                                       Carter Danielson

Enel Green Power North America, Inc.                     Ruvin Charles
Enel Green Power North America, Inc.                     Isaiah Read  
Enel Green Power North America, Inc.                     Connor Leininger
Enel Green Power North America, Inc.                    Jacob Schempp

Freije Farms                                                                           Shelly Kathrein

Hendrickson, Duane & Renae                                      James Sommer

Hoffner, Adrian & Jamie                                                 Samantha Shumway

Jonas, Blanche Allick                                                       Kim Asp

Jorgenson Farms                                                               Latasha Bellile

Mertens Family: honoring Bernice Mertens        Josie Flaten
Mertens Family: honoring John A. Mertens        Trace Evans

Montana Dakota Utilities                                               Matison Prozinski
Montana Dakota Utilities                                              James Zimmerman

Otter Tail Power Company                                          Wyatt Baumbach
Otter Tail Power Company                                          Todd Hernandez
Otter Tail Power Company                                          Tyler Quam
Otter Tail Power Company                                          Chris Schlett

Pederson, Randall (Petey)                                          Daniel Mercandelli

Rebekah Lodge Olive Branch #9                            Lainie Estenson

Shipley/Brekke                                                                Ben Hoverson

Southam Softball                                                           Samantha Shumway
Southam Softball                                                           Abbigale Opheikens

Subway of DL/Sleep Inn & Suites of DL            Reese Gainsforth

VDAM John S. Disher Sim Tech                             Hannah Lundeby
VDAM John S. Disher Sim Tech                             Braden Armbrister

VFW #756 of Devils Lake                                         Sydney Beneda