Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprenticeships have been utilized to meet the needs of America’s skilled workforce for over 80 years. Registered apprenticeships are jobs where you Earn & Learn. While working on the job, you receive one-on-one , full-time training from a skilled staff member of the employer as well as related classroom instruction.

Apprenticeship programs are for ambitious people of all ages who want to earn a salary while they learn, gaining real skills and knowledge. Lake Region State College has active apprenticeships in the following programs:

  • Cyber Security Support Technician -Information Technology degree
  • Information Technology Specialist -Information Technology degree
  • Electronics Technician-Simulation degree 
  • Electromechanical Technician-Technical Studies degree 
  • Nursing (starting Fall 2021)


President’s Commission on Apprenticeships —Apprenticeship programs, when implemented effectively, provide workers with a career path featuring paid on-the-job training, skills development, and mentorship, while at the same time providing employers with a steady source of highly trained and productive workers. The LRSC Earn and Learn Apprenticeship Program works with both newcomers to the field or a seasoned employees looking to upgrade and specialize their skills.


The core of our curriculum is built on a broad foundation of industry-relevant concepts adapted for use in the courses to give students hands-on experience, allowing students to transition easily from class to work and back. The program and curriculum content are built with each industry partner in mind and aligns with the job skills. We train to meet your career goals!


The interactive coursework covers the analytical and technical skills necessary to monitor and respond to situations that arise. Our curriculum aligns with industry-standard certification-exam content, to prepare an individual to pass exams from industry leaders. At the end of the apprenticeship program, students gain both experience in the profession as well as an Associate of Applied Science Degree in their chosen field.


LRSC’s Apprenticeship Program is designed as a two- to three-year program in partnership with employers. Students are assigned a mentor at their employer to work with throughout the program. LRSC offers apprenticeship and mentor coaching as a distinct part of the program management. The curriculum is delivered online or at the worksite which makes it convenient for individuals to Earn & Learn. Academic credit is offered for qualified certifications and experience. The required technical courses are front-loaded so apprentices can rapidly advance their knowledge, skills and competency.

About the Apprenticeship Program
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Sample Apprentice/Employer Agreement

Apprenticeship programs currently open:

Information Technology (I.T.):
I.T. Dual Model | Fact Sheet

Simulation Technology (SIM):
SIM Dual Model | Fact Sheet

Electrical Assembler (Technical Studies):

Apprenticeship programs opening soon:

Practical Nurse (LPN)

IT Support Technician Apprentice: North Dakota Core Technology Services (CTS)

Location: Grand Forks


Open until filled. 

Full job summary:


Northrop Grumman Cable and Harness Technician:

Location: New Town, ND


Contact us

Students interested in becoming an apprentice, contact:

Melana Howe
Resource Development/Corporate Liaison

Steve Shark
Director, Student Affairs

Lloyd Halvorson
Vice President, Student & Academic Affairs

Employers interested in becoming a partner of the Earn & Learn Apprenticeship Program, contact:

Melana Howe
Resource Development/Corporate Liaison