Apprenticeship Program

Modern apprenticeships build a highly skilled and customized flow of talent, preparing workers who typically stay around for the long term.

Building upon the Career and Technical Education platform, it organizes classroom and work-based learning around knowledge and skills that specific occupations demand and offers deeper and more extensive on-the-job training.

For students, it creates a clear pathway to employment through a structured work-based learning program and builds interpersonal and technical skill sets through a sophisticated workplace experience.

LRSC has active apprenticeships in these programs:

  • Cyber Security Support Technician - Information Technology degree
  • Information Technology Support Technician - Information Technology degree
  • Information Technology Network Analyst - Information Technology degree
  • Electronics Technician - Simulation degree 
  • Electromechanical Technician - Technical Studies degree 
  • Nursing


The apprenticeship program is a partnership program between Lake Region State College, select employers and the Department of Labor. It is a program that follows the federal regulations set forth by the Department of Labor standards.

Students earn a degree while working approximately 16-20 hours per week after completing registration with both Lake Region State College and one of our employer sponsors to be an apprentice. They will attend class and gain a degree like any other student for their selected program. With the apprenticeship program, students will gain hands-on experience while working toward their degree and have the majority of their college expenses paid for by their employer sponsor.

In return, students will have an obligation to uphold the weekly hours set by the employer as well as a commitment to work for the company for a set period—the amount of time varies from employer to employer and is something each company decides individually and will put in their employee/employer contract upon hire of each apprentice.

Per the Department of Labor requirements, apprentices must meet a set number of on-the-job training hours to complete their apprenticeship (this number does vary, but typically it is around 2,000 hours). Students do not have to meet those hours by the time they complete their degree. Still, they must be completed before a student will obtain their certificate of completion of the apprenticeship program from the Department of Labor. An apprentice will still get their degree and can sit for any exams before those hours are met, they just will not be “completed” in the apprenticeship program until those hours are fulfilled.

With specific questions or for more information about the program, please contact:

Melana Howe
Resource Development/Corporate Liaison


President’s Commission on Apprenticeships —Apprenticeship programs, when implemented effectively, provide workers with a career path featuring paid on-the-job training, skills development, and mentorship, while at the same time providing employers with a steady source of highly trained and productive workers. The LRSC Earn and Learn Apprenticeship Program works with both newcomers to the field and seasoned employees looking to upgrade and specialize in their skills.


The core of our curriculum is built on a broad foundation of industry-relevant concepts adapted for use in the courses to give students hands-on experience, allowing students to transition easily from class to work and back. The program and curriculum content are built with each industry partner in mind and align with the job skills. We train you to meet your career goals!


The interactive coursework covers the analytical and technical skills necessary to monitor and respond to situations that arise. Our curriculum aligns with industry-standard certification exam content to prepare an individual to pass exams from industry leaders. At the end of the apprenticeship program, students gain experience in the profession and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in their chosen field.


LRSC’s Apprenticeship Program is designed as a two- to three-year program in partnership with employers. Students are assigned a mentor at their employer to work with throughout the program. LRSC offers apprenticeship and mentor coaching as a distinct part of program management. The curriculum is delivered online or at the worksite which makes it convenient for individuals to Earn & Learn. Academic credit is offered for qualified certifications and experience. The required technical courses are front-loaded so apprentices can rapidly advance their knowledge, skills, and competency.

About the Apprenticeship Program
LRSC Quick Facts
Sample Apprentice/Employer Agreement

Apprenticeship programs currently available:

  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • ​​​​​​Practical Nursing
  • Registered Nursing

Practical Nursing At a Glance | Fact Sheet

  • Information Technology (I.T.):

Fact Sheet
I.T. Curriculum

  • Simulation Technology (SIM):

Fact Sheet

  • Electrical Assembler (Technical Studies):

Technical Studies Curriculum map

Apprenticeship programs opening soon:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Wind Energy 

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No Current opportunities

Prospective apprentices interested in the program and employers looking to partner with the Earn & Learn Apprenticeship Program are urged to make contact.

Melana Howe
Resource Development/Corporate Liaison

Brittany Hanson
Operations Manager, TrainND Northeast