Hall of Fame

Special people have built and preserved this special college. Often, these individuals received little recognition for their hard work and dedication. The Hall of Fame was unveiled in June of 1991 as part of the college’s fiftieth anniversary. Planners were seeking a way to publicly appreciate those who have invested their time and energy, talents, and resources in the school over the years.


Lynn Andrew*/**
Mark Beighley
Mike Bellmore*
Dr. Merril Berg
Anne-Marit Bergstrom
William Bergstrom
Fred Bingham
Jim Bowen*/**
Jeremy Brandt**
Steve Brekke**
Class of 1941
Sarah Cofer**
Marlo Davis**
Cara Demaine**
Darcy Deutsch*/**
Dennis Deutsch
Clarence Erlandson*
Sharon L. Etemad
Margaret Fawcett
Helen Foughty*
Pat Freije
Dr. J. K. Galloway*
F. H. Gilliland*
Laurel Goulding
T. C. Goulding
Doris Greenleaf
W. A. Greenleaf*
Armen Hanson
A. L. Haroldson*
Rodger Haugen
John Haugland
Durene Heisler*/**
Dr. S. B. Hocking*
Annette Hofstad
Fred Hoghaug
Vivian Hoghaug
June Huesgen
Beth Ihry*/**
Reed Ihry
Pete Jerome
Dan Johnson
Lee Ann Johnston
Lois Hefti Jones*
Kristina     Kazociuniene**
Viola Thoen Keller
James Kirk
Richard Kunkel
Clarence Laber
1989/90 Lady Royals**
I. F. LaFleur
Florence Lake
Robert Lawrence**
Carol Leevers
Robert Leevers
Norm Leevers
Larry Liere
Dennis Lysne
Dr. J. H. Mahoney
Rebecca Mercer**
Charles Mertens*
Roger Mertens
Travis Mertens**
Helen Nelson
David Oehlke
Emmanuel Ohonme**
Marilyn Pederson
Darwin Peterson
Dr. Louis Pine
Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Gene Roebuck**
Shantelle Rolle**
1981/82 Royals*
Judy Ryan
Dan Schilz*/**
Kelsey Schlenk**
Duane Schwab**
Dolores Stenseth
Alma Mehus Studness
Leo Studness*
Larry Swenson
Lisa Swenson
Irving Thompson
Jack Traynor
Brooke Treleaven**
Rayna Vitt**
Hugh Welsh*/**
Wayne Westphal**
H. L. “Prof” Woll*
Janet Wood

* Original Hall of Fame, spring 1991
** Athletic Hall of Fame