Student Government

Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body for Lake Region State College students and the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Student Senate is made up of senators voted on by the student body and is open to all students who seek involvement in college decision-making processes and communication with college administration.

The Senate and CAB are responsible for allocation of student activity funds and provide for student programs in the areas of education, culture, social activity, and student welfare. CAB accepts applications from clubs, individual students, and faculty for programming costs that benefit the student body at LRSC. Student clubs and organizations on campus must be officially recognized by the Student Senate. The Student Senate outlines the structure of this recognition.


How do I 
get involved?
  When does 
Student Senate meet?
  How can Student 
Senate help me?
It's really easy...Just show up! All meetings are open to any member of the Lake Region State College student body. Any full-time student at LRSC with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA is eligible to be a member of Student Senate. Feel free to talk to any of the members about getting involved.   Student Senate Meetings are held every Wednesday at noon in the Colonial Room, located in the Student Union.  
  • Meet fellow students
  • Gain leadership skills by presenting your ideas for change to college administration.
  • Enhance your resume.
  • Serve on committees and help plan campus-wide events.
  • Represent Lake Region State College at North Dakota Student Association Events.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Senate...

Contact Student Life Coordinator

Student Senate Constitution: Policy and Procedure Manual - Section 1400.03