Dr. Doug Darling, Ph.D.

Council Member


Lloyd Halvorson

Vice President
of Academic and
Student Affairs
Council Member


Corry Kenner, CPA

Vice President of
Administrative Affairs
Council Member

  • John Cowger – Director of Grand Forks Air Force Base Campus
  • Daniel Driessen – Director of Center for Distance Education and Outreach Services
  • Scott Dunbar – Director of Student Housing
  • Chad Estenson – Director of Physical Plant Services
  • Bridget Hanlan - Director of the Adult Learning Center
  • Gary Haugland - Director of IT Services
  • Dan Johnson – Registrar
  • JoAnn Kitchens – Controller
  • Sandi Lillehaugen – Risk Management/Human Resources
  • Danny Mertens – Athletic Director
  • Brandi Nelson – Director of Academic Affairs
  • Katie Nettell – Director of Financial Aid
  • Elonda Nord – Interim Executive Foundation Director
  • Dr. Cathleen Ruch, Ph.D. – Director of TRiO
  • Rosalie Seibel – Director of Food Services
  • Steve Shark - Director of Student Affairs
  • Melissa Stotts – Director of LRSC Bookstore
  • Erin Wood – Director of College Relations