Apply for Housing

Fall & Spring Housing



Step One - Claim System ID

In order to apply for housing, you must use your claimed System ID. Not sure if you have claimed your new System ID? Click on the link to verify:

Step Two - Apply for Housing

  • After claiming/verifying your System ID, log into Campus Connection.
  • Under "Self-Service," select "On-Campus Housing."
  • Follow the prompts to complete your application, or view the instructional video below.
  • Please do not use an iPad to apply or Google Chrome as your browser.

Disability Accommodation Request

At Lake Region State College, we strive to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities who need assistance.

The purpose of these accommodations is to mitigate or eliminate the adverse effects of disabilities, ensuring that students can fully participate in their academic journey. We are committed to ensuring that these accommodations do not impose an undue burden on any party involved.

In certain cases, adjustments to our housing policies may be made for individuals with medical conditions that may not meet the formal definition of a disability but still cause daily discomfort. However, the need for such accommodations or adjustments must be supported by clinical evidence provided by an appropriate medical professional. Our residential buildings feature various accessibility features, and if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding accessibility, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Housing & Residence Life.

To request a disability accommodation, please contact our Disability Services Coordinator


Additional Assistance

Jessica Dimitch  |  |  701-662-1546 |  800-443-1313 ext. 21546