Academic Planning & Advising

Advisors are a great asset to students and help guide/navigate your plan of studies. Advisors can teach students how to gather information and how to make decisions. (Noel-Levitz) Make sure and meet with your advisor, especially when preparing to register for an upcoming semester. In fact, it is recommended to set up regular appointments with your advisors and seek out additional resources such as TRiO or PowerSkills if needed. 

How to Find Your Advisor

To find out who your advisor(s) is log on to Campus Connection, see the bottom, right-hand side, and your advisor(s) will be listed. If you advisor(s) is not listed, contact the Registrar's Office at for your advisor.

Need to change your program, plan or advisor?

Go to the Forms page, click Academic Forms and select *Program Plan or Advisor Change Form.

Or contact Chris Blanchfield in the Student Services Office or email

Career Counseling

Related, but not limited to:

  • Assistance in advising students along with faculty for both classes and career options.
  • Conducting and evaluating interest surveys regarding career choices.
  • Assistance with transfer students from Lake Region State College to a four year institution.
  • Assistance with decision making regarding career and life choices.