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TRiO Student Support Services and LRSC PowerSkillsCenter provide Lake Region State College students with an opportunity to be successful. TRiO and PowerSkills help students with study skills, tutoring, and creating goals and objectives for their education, career, and beyond. TRiO and PowerSkills provide students with an ideal study space including math and science labs, technology and textbook lending libraries, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with any of your needs.

ACADEMIC ADVISING The TRiO/PowerSkills staff consists of three advisors with specific areas of expertise designed to assist a diverse population of students. Advisors provide mentoring regularly to help students complete their associate degrees through a dynamic plan of action individualized for each student.

CAREER/TRANSFER ADVISING TRiO/PowerSkills advisors work very closely with students to develop individual plans of study including support of major and career selection as well as transfer advice and assistance. Students can schedule transfer visits to four-year institutions, tour campuses, and meet with advisors at the university of their choice.

PROFESSIONAL TUTORING TRiO/PowerSkills students may request tutoring in courses they are having difficulty with after being fully admitted to the program. Tutoring services are FREE OF CHARGE to TRiO/PowerSkills students but consist of a separate application process and specific student responsibilities.

PROFESSIONAL STUDY LABS TRiO/PowerSkills advisors, as well as professional tutors, offer weekly group study labs according to student requests and needs. Study labs offered range from math and chemistry labs to writing and psychology labs. Times and availability will vary per semester.

FINANCIAL LITERACY TRAINING & FAFSA ASSISTANCE Students are encouraged to complete training in financial literacy as part of their plan of study. One-on-one assistance is also offered in tax and FAFSA (Federal Assistance For Student Aid) completion. Annual "Tax-FAFSA Nights" provide students the opportunity to complete these applications from experts in the field.

COMPUTER/PRINTER LOANS Students fully admitted to the program and in good standing may request calculators, laptops, and/or textbooks on a first-come, first-serve basis. The TRiO/PowerSkillsCenter also offers students private computer, printing, and study space.

DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES The PowerSkills Coordinator provides accommodations to students who request assistance and complete and submits the appropriate documentation. Services include alternative testing, note-taking, priority seating, and various technologies to assist students.

As a student at Lake Region State College, you are required to make responsible choices when it comes to your academic career. LRSC wants to help you make informed decisions. Our online advisors are here to help mentor and advise you. With the help of your advisor, you can set realistic goals and map out your future education. Your advisor will be your first stop when needing assistance with academic issues.

Online Advising Team
Paula Zielske & Sarah Gratton

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Complete the following tasks to help with the transfer process:

  • ADMISSION APPLICATION (online or paper application) Nonrefundable application fees are due when the application is submitted.
    • Contact Enrollment Services with any questions
    • Application Procedures
  • FINANCIAL AID Submit your FAFSA online in the spring of each year (after January 1st). File your taxes early. State grant aid may be available.
  • PROGRAMS OF STUDY Decide on a major/minor by the beginning of your last semester.
  • INFORMATION REQUEST Get information on admissions, financial aid, housing, and your intended program/major.
  • TUITION AND FEES What is the cost of your education going to be?
  • VIRTUAL TOUR Most college websites will give you a tour online. You can also request an in-person tour.
  • COURSE REGISTRATION Once you have been admitted, you should be able to register for classes. you can do this via Campus Connection (for a North Dakota institution) or during a campus visit. Participate in an Orientation/Registration session if necessary.

Visit with our Transfer Coordinator Dana Walford for assistance or with questions about the transfer process.

Services are available FREE of charge to enrolled LRSC students. People come to counseling when their attempts to deal with their concerns are no longer effective. Counseling can be helpful in many areas. If you are experiencing symptoms, contact our counseling department today

Our mission is to assist and enable students in personal and career development so each student has the opportunity to reach their ultimate potential.


Jessica Dimitch, LAPC 
Counseling & Disability Services Coordinator 
701-662-1546 | 800-443-1313 ext. 21546

Lake Region State College Disability Services is committed to providing equal access to educational programs and services to students with disabilities. 
To receive accommodations, students must identify themselves with the LRSC Disability Services Coordinator by completing the Application for Services Form and providing the required disability documentation.

Disability Services Form


Jessica Dimitch, LAPC 
Counseling & Disability Services Coordinator 
701-662-1546 | 800-443-1313 ext. 21546

Student Success Staff

Casey Zehrer, TRiO and PowerSkills Director
701-662-1529  |  800-443-1313 ext. 21529  |
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Lindsey VanThuyne, Assistant TRiO Director 
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Dana Walford, TRiO Student Advisor & Transfer Coordinator
701-662-1640  |  800-443-1313 ext. 21640  |
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Brady Weber, PowerSkills Coordinator & International Advisor
701-662-1689  |  800-443-1313 ext. 21689  |
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Jayde Van Fleet, Administrative Assistant 
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Jessica Dimitch, Counselor and Disability Support Services
701-662-1546  |  800-443-1313 ext. 21546  |

Paula Zielske, Online Student Advisor & Program Coordinator 
701-662-1577  |  800-443-1313 ext. 21577  |

Sarah Gratton, Online Student Advisor & Student Services Associate
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