LRSC Study Abroad 2023

LRSC Study Abroad in Ireland & Scotland 2023

Travel through the landscapes of Ireland and Scotland in 2023 with the President

Traverse small villages, beautiful countrysides, and seaside cliffs. June 3-16th, 2023 traveling to Scotland, Ireland & a two-day extension to London

Plan ahead and save $100 by also signing up for the next "Travel with the President" to Ireland and Scotland. Ireland's shades of green fill the countryside, broken up only by rows of rocks, dots of white sheep, and the occasional castle. Make memories with your family or friends on LRSC's "Travel with the President" tour 2023. Join President Doug Darling and trip coordinator Teresa Tande Darling on a 13-day trek through Ireland and Scotland, with an extension to London. Take a leisurely bus ride along the coastline of Southern Ireland, viewing cliffs beaten by waves from the Atlantic. See how a real Irish jib is done and enjoy some authentic Irish stew. Kiss the Blarney stone and enjoy a feast in a castle. No trip to Ireland would be complete without a visit to an Irish pub in Dublin. That is only the halfway mark! In Scotland, view the purple heather of the Highlands and try your luck spotting "Nessie" at Loch Ness. Take a bagpipe lesson and explore Edinburgh Castle & more. Enjoy the benefits of traveling with a full-time guide and all transportation, tickets, and tips are taken care of.

You can get financial aid for this trip if you normally qualify for financial aid. All you need to do is take one of the following classes (Hums I and II; Western Civ I and II; and Mythology) and in the spring sign up for HUMS 211 which gives you three more transferable credits towards your gen ed requirements.

Students may earn 3 humanities credits towards their degree. Sign up for an approved pre-requisite class and the trip itself will be another three credits.

Check into the possibility of using financial aid, email Kelsey Walters at, or you can apply for a travel scholarship.

If you have any questions, contact Teresa Tande by email: or call her home phone and leave a message: 701-662-8062. You can also contact the LRSC Foundation Office at 701-662-1600. For more details or to sign-up, call EF GoAhead at 1-800-748-7672 or visit the website HERE.