LRSC Study Abroad 2023

Study abroad for the Essence of Europe! 

JAN. 31 is the deadline for LRSC’s 2023 Study Abroad to London, Paris, Florence, and London.

Here’s a chance to visit some of the most iconic cities of Europe with some of the most recognizable landmarks. Have your picture taken with Big Ben or the Tower of London in the background. Buy a beret and pose for a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. Take a picture of the Renaissance architectural symbol in Florence:  The Duomo, the first Dome since ancient Rome’s Parthenon. And finally, the Colosseum, the scene of so many movies.

See the full itinerary here!


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or visit Alyson Beckman at who was one of the LRSC students to partake in LRSC ‘s FIRST Study Abroad program, also to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome. 

Not only will the experience enhance your college experience, but it will also enhance your chance of being hired within six months of graduating from college:  98% vs. only 49% for graduates who didn’t study abroad. That alone is worth the investment.

You can get financial aid for this trip if you normally qualify for financial aid. Check into the possibility by emailing Kelsey Walters at, or you can apply for a travel scholarship.

Travel through the landscapes of Ireland and Scotland in 2023 with the president

This trip is full!

Traverse small villages, beautiful countrysides, and seaside cliffs. June 3-16th, 2023 traveling to Scotland, Ireland & a two-day extension to London

Join President Doug Darling and trip coordinator Teresa Tande Darling on a 13-day trek through Ireland and Scotland, with an extension to London. Take a leisurely bus ride along the coastline of Southern Ireland, viewing cliffs beaten by waves from the Atlantic. See how a real Irish jib is done and enjoy some authentic Irish stew. Kiss the Blarney stone and enjoy a feast in a castle. No trip to Ireland would be complete without a visit to an Irish pub in Dublin. That is only the halfway mark! In Scotland, view the purple heather of the Highlands and try your luck spotting "Nessie" at Loch Ness. Take a bagpipe lesson and explore Edinburgh Castle & more. Enjoy the benefits of traveling with a full-time guide and all transportation, tickets, and tips are taken care of.

If you have any questions, contact Teresa Tande by email: or call her home phone and leave a message: 701-662-8062. You can also contact the LRSC Foundation Office at 701-662-1600. For more details or to sign-up, call EF GoAhead at 1-800-748-7672 or visit the website HERE.