College for Kids registration opens May 1

College for Kids 2019 at Lake Region State College is a great summer opportunity and adventure for kids who have completed grades K-5. The program will run June 24-27.

This year is College for Kids 25th anniversary at LRSC. College for Kids is a fun interacting experience for kids to use their imagination, ask questions, think creatively, experiment, meet new friends and experience a small taste of college.  Participants can enroll in one to three sessions a day. Fees are $25.00 per class session, per student.

The courses are designed to be fun and educational, said Erin Wood, Director of College Relations at LRSC.

“What’s even better is that there is no homework assigned or overall grades given. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn and have fun.”

Weather permitting there will be outdoor water fun to complete the program at the end of the week. 

Some other classes to consider include:

  • Basketball Fundamentals – Focus on basketball fundamentals, and on the last day they will play a game. 
  • Crafts – Tie dying, and friendship bracelets is just a start. 
  • Fun with Science – New experiments every day, such as, Marshmallow towers, Magic Milk, Slime and more. 
  • Fit Kids – Make sure you bring your athletic gear & shoes for this fun interactive take on fitness, with a variety of games that will keep you moving. 
  • Fun in the Sun – Explore the outdoors with multiple games and using your mind and body. With the creation of mini golf courses, team building games and a splash of water activities on the last day.
  • Junior Crime Scene Investigators – Learn how detectives use different evidence to solve crimes. This comes with fun hand on activities such as fingerprinting, decoding a secret message and solving a mystery. 
  • Nurse Camp – With three different nursing classes the fun never stops, learn about washing your hands and dental hygiene, Sun and water safety, and lastly human anatomy. All sessions involve hands on activities with real nurses. 
  • Unlimited Cheer! – This courses teaches you basic cheerleading skills including motions, jumps, stunts and a little tumbling. Everyone learns the importance of hard work and teamwork. 

There are also more courses to consider! Don’t miss the opportunity for a fantastic experience, fun in the sun, and hands on activities for four fun days through summer. 

Online registration begins on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at noon. For a complete list of courses and to register go to: No phone registrations will be taken.
Full payment is due while registering. Supplies are included in the class fee unless noted otherwise.