Precision Ag Building Capital Project

We are ready to go farmin'...will you join us? The 2019 North Dakota Legislature authorized construction of a new $3 million ag education center on LRSC campus grounds which will be the new home for  one of our most successful and in-demand programs. Bringing our ag program to campus is an exciting move but we need your help to make it a reality. The Legislature appropriated $1 million of the needed $3 million.
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Challenge Match Campaign begins July 1

The North Dakota Legislature has once again provided a wonderful opportunity through the ND Higher Education Challenge Fund. This opportunity allows donors to support ND colleges and universities through investments in scholarships, technology,  and educational infrastructure.  The state of North Dakota will contribute one dollar of matching funds for every qualifying two dollars given or pledged before December 31st 2020!  Make your gift 50% stronger with Match Funds.
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