Community College Foundation

A Proud History

The Community College Foundation is the Lake Region’s creative response to an important need. In 1959, an impressive and forward-looking group of community leaders formally established the Community College Foundation. They shared a dream that the foundation would provide a permanent structure through which support for their struggling community college could be channeled.

For sixty years, the foundation has provided a strong and consistent base of community support for Lake Region State College. That support has allowed the college to grow and mature, becoming a stable and responsive institution. The work and dreams of the Community College Foundation founders began a proud tradition that continues today.

An Essential Mission

The work and resources of the Community College Foundation are managed by a twenty-seven-member board of directors. The work of the foundation is carried out at monthly board meetings and by volunteers serving on standing and ad-hoc committees. At the annual meeting held each October, board members are elected by foundation membership to serve three-year terms. Alumni and friends of the college are encouraged to become members by making charitable gifts to the foundation.

Support for student scholarships was the focus of the first foundation fundraising effort and remains a strong tradition today. Over 300 students receive foundation-funded scholarships each year. The foundation also addresses other important needs, such as support for athletic programs, campus beautification, and for special capital projects, such as the Library Expansion Project, the Auditorium Renovation Project, the Leevers Welcome Center Project, the Courtyard Project, and the Bergstrom Technical Center Renovation and Expansion Project.

Foundation resources are carefully managed to support growth and good stewardship. Individual giving records are carefully kept, and procedures are in place to honor and appreciate those who support the work of the foundation. The foundation maintains a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS which helps ensure that gifts are tax-deductible.

CCF Statement of Mission

Providing Keys to Opportunities for students of Lake Region State College, through fundraising initiatives to support scholarships and other priority needs at LRSC, and through advocacy efforts to strengthen instruction, encourage enrollment, and access resources needed to effectively serve students and the community.

A Clear Vision

Looking ahead, the Community College Foundation expects the need for private sector support for Lake Region State College to grow. Traditional public funding sources will continue to provide a stable base, but they will not stretch to cover many important priorities that are linked to excellence and innovation. Alumni and friends of Lake Region State College will respond with new resources to support the critical needs of the college and its students. These new resources will assure the college’s role as a vital, responsive educational asset for the Lake Region and the state of North Dakota.

Some CCF Highlights

CCF was established on May 18, 1959

1960—Began annual scholarship campaign, awarding more than $5,000 in scholarships

1965-66—Conducted fundraising campaign to furnish a new college auditorium

1989—Awarded $50,000 in scholarships

1991—Celebrated college’s 50th birthday

1995—Grand opening of Paul Hoghaug Library and Leo and Alma Mehus Studness Chautauqua Gallery

2000—Grand opening of Robert Fawcett Auditorium

2004—Grand opening of Leevers Welcome Center

2014—Grand opening of Bergstrom Technical Center

2016—Celebrated college’s 75th anniversary

2018—Awarded $300,411 in scholarships to 298 students

2013-2020—Raised $4.8 million to claim $2.4 million in matches from North Dakota Higher Ed Match Challenge

2021—Grand opening of Hofstad Ag Center