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Tutoring is offered through our Student Success office. Prior to meeting with a tutor, students must have completed an application to Student Success and have met with an advisor. 

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Student Responsibilities

  1. I will BE ON TIME and maintain 100% attendance for all classes. (Excused absences will be RARE.)
  2. I understand that I may not expect tutoring services in those courses if I do not attend classes.
  3. I will be expected to maintain a 'C' or higher in the course(s) I am being tutored. Failure to do so may result in denial of future tutor requests.
  4. I will work with my assigned tutor to establish a tutoring schedule that is compatible with both our schedules.
  5. I will BE ON TIME and maintain 100% attendance for all tutoring sessions. (On the RARE occasion that I can't keep an appointment, I will contact my tutor at least 2 hours IN ADVANCE to let them know I will not attend because their time is valuable.)
  6. I agree that succeeding in a course (attending class, completing assignments on time, and passing tests) is MY RESPONSIBILITY, not the responsibility of my tutor.
  7. I will direct questions, comments, or concerns IMMEDIATELY to Casey Zehrer, Director of TRiO [ | 701-662-1529].

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Course(s) for which you are requesting tutoring:
Read Student Responsibilities at the top of the page.