Canadian Students

Welcome to LRSC!

Please be advised that all documents submitted must be official, translated into English, and certified as to their authenticity and accuracy.

The I-20 immigration form will not be issued by Lake Region State College until the Admissions file is complete.

The Admissions process typically takes 1-3 weeks, depending on LRSC receiving the required documentation. If you have any questions about any part of this process feel free to contact the LRSC International Center at or call 701-662-1689.

Submit information to:
Lake Region State College
Attn: International Admissions
1801 College Drive North
Devils Lake, ND  58301

Complete items 1 through 4:

Complete your Application for Admission: APPLY NOW.

  • Create an Account and complete the form. There is a non-refundable $35USD application fee.

What type of student are you?

  • First-Year Student: You are a first-year student if you have not taken courses at a post-secondary institution since you graduated from high school.
  • Transfer: You are a transfer student if you have taken courses from a post-secondary institution other than Lake Region State College after you graduated from high school.

Complete your Financial Statement. In order for us to issue Form I-20, you must complete the application and Financial Statement. The Form I-20 can be sent as early as 120 days prior to the start date of your program.  To ensure the timely delivery of your I-20, please be sure to submit the documents as soon as possible.  Please send the original copy of the financial statement via postal mail. LRSC cannot accept faxed or scanned copies of the financial statement.  In response to COVID-19, SEVP permits I-20s to be delivered electronically. 

Canadian Student Application for Form I-20 and Financial Statement

Official transcripts must be received from ALL institutions previously attended. To be considered official, the transcripts must be received by LRSC in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Processing times may vary by the organization so do this as soon as possible. LRSC must receive all transcripts by end of the student's first semester.

  • High School Transcript or GED. Exemptions to this policy may be granted if you have completed 24 or more semester hours of college-level coursework. If you are a current high school student a hold will be placed on your account until the final high school transcript is received.
  • College/University transcripts. Including any transcripts for credits completed while in high school (excluding LRSC). In progress, transcripts will be required for any institution currently in attendance. A final transcript will also be required once grades are posted.
  • US transcripts. US Transcripts are to be sent from National Clearinghouse or Parchment.
  • If those services are not available for your college(s) please request an official transcript be sent to:
    Lake Region State College
    Attn: Admissions
    1801 College Drive North
    Devils Lake, ND  58301
  • You are required to show proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) immunizations.
  • If you are 21 years old or younger when you enter Lake Region State College, you are also required to show proof of a meningococcal immunization after the age of 16. (If you are 22 years or older, you are not required to show proof of this immunization.)

You can send your immunization records via fax, email, or postal mail.

Fax: 701-662-1581
Mail: Lake Region State College
Attn: Admissions
1801 College Drive North
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Tuberculosis (TB) testing is required of international students from high-risk countries as identified by the World Health Organization and any other student determined to be high risk for TB exposure. Students arriving from countries found on any one of three lists (TB, TB/HIV, and DR-TB) must undergo TB testing.

NOTE: LRSC requires that immunizations are completed and on file with us before you attend class or live on campus.

Once you have completed all steps listed above, you will receive a letter of acceptance from Lake Region State College. In addition, you will receive a packet with your Form I-20 and instructions on how to pay the fee.

Important Information

The transcript evaluation is not necessary for students from Canada. An official transcript sent directly from your school to Lake Region State College after you have graduated is required. The transcript must be original and must have your graduation date listed on it.

The English proficiency test is not required of native English speakers from Canada.

All other items listed above are required by Canadian residents.

RATES: ALL Canadian Provinces pay USA resident tuition rates.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Canadian students are exempt from the health insurance purchase requirement, but are still expected to have health insurance that is valid in their home province. Check with your insurance company before you travel to LRSC to ensure you have adequate coverage.

RECEIVING YOUR STUDENT VISA: When you have your I-20 document and your I-901 receipt, you will be present both at the Canadian Border when you cross the border to come to school for the first time and each subsequent trip you make from Canada to the United States.

How will I receive my form I-20?
*At this time, I-20s can be emailed according to ICE Guidance 2003-03.  All I-20s will be sent to the email address on the I-20 application unless otherwise requested. 

Your Form I-20 will come to you in the mail. You have two options for receiving your I-20:

Fed-Ex Courier: Your form I-20 will be sent via Fed-Ex Courier. It generally takes 2-7 days to receive your I-20 form. You will receive a tracking number and have the ability to track the package on its way to you. The cost for this option starts at $50 and varies depending on the country. The final cost of the Fed-Ex bill will be charged to your student account and you may pay that bill when you arrive on campus.

United States Postal Service: Your form I-20 will be sent via the United States Postal mail. It generally takes two weeks to several months to receive your package. Using this method, you do not have the ability to track your package. If you choose this option, you will not be billed for the shipping charge.

Questions on how to pay your I-20 fee? The fee associated with your I-20 is called the I-901 fee. Once you receive your I-20, go to and follow the instructions to pay the $350 fee. Once you have paid the fee, print the receipt. You will need this receipt to present with your I-20 at the Canadian Border.

Are there scholarships for international students? Yes! International students can apply for a scholarship.

Are you prepared? Check out tips for international students for information on working in the U.S., insurance, proper attire, and other provisions.

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