American Sign Language

Program Description

The Certificate program gives students the opportunity to increase their understanding of deaf culture while developing fluency in American Sign Language. It can also be beneficial for students enrolled in related programs such as Early Childhood Associate  and Nursing.

Students in the program have access to the sign language environment and the North Dakota School for the Deaf.

American Sign Language also counts as a Humanities credit, so if you don't want to take a History or Art class, you can learn how to interact with American Sign Language and earn Humanities credit.

Hands-on Experience
Get interpreting skills and practice in real-life situations with an ASL internship. Students pursuing a degree in American Sign Language will train with professional interpreters working with deaf individuals.

Program Curriculum

ASL 101 American Sign Language I 4
ASL 102 American Sign Language II 4
ASL 150 Specialized Vocabulary I 2
ASL 160 Fingerspelling and Numbers 3
ASL 170 Specialized Vocabulary 2
ASL 250 Deaf Culture 3


Lisa Ginther, Assistant Professor