Student Organizations and Committees Several college organizations and committees are available for student participation. Refer to your college handbook/catalog.

  1. A nursing student elected by their classmates is eligible for participation as a representative to the nursing faculty meetings.
  2. Students in the Dakota Nursing Program are encouraged to join a local association for nursing students – Student Nurses’ Organization (SNO). The Student Nurses’ Organizations will follow the by-laws of their local chapter. The SNO faculty advisor attends each SNO meeting. The objectives of the Student Nurses’ Organization (SNO) include to:
    • Promote and encourage participation in community affairs.
    • Represent and promote nursing students and nursing to the faculty and the community.
    • Promote students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities.
    • Promote and encourage recruitment activities and promote cooperation and networking among students. Along with your local SNO, students are encouraged to join the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).
  3. Students, maintaining academic standing, are also encouraged to participate in other campus organizations.

Each campus has an SNO PN and then an ADN group


Lauree Wangler