Precision Ag Club

Precision Ag Club

The Precision Ag Club at Lake Region State College is a group of Precision Ag students promoting agriculture and community involvement.

In the Precision Ag Club, students work hard to promote and educate others about farming on campus and in the community. Throughout the year, members organize various fundraisers related to agriculture, such as selling sweet corn, creating a spooky corn maze, and hosting a holiday breakfast. Many members also give presentations at local schools and events to spread the word about farming. The money raised goes back into the Precision Ag program, allowing students to go on agriculture industry tours and attend events. This helps them learn more about the ever-changing field of agriculture, so they can return and continue their mission of advocating for and educating others about farming.



Mylee Severtson, Ag Education Specialist 

Tanner Nicholls, Precision Ag Director