LRSC counselor part of group published in professional journal

Lake Region State College’s Jessica Dimitch, LPC, and Counseling & Disability Services Coordinator, was recently published on a piece she assisted in authoring with higher education colleagues.

A Partnership Model to Enhance Mental Health Staffing: Lessons From Two Community Colleges by Kenneth M. Coll, Cathleen B. Ruch, Charles P. Ruch, Jessica L. Dimitch, and Brenda J. Freeman was published in the Community College Review 1-10. 

Abstract Objective: Community colleges have historically reported high levels of student mental health needs, with low levels of available face-to-face services. Ways of meeting this mental health staffing challenge is an area of importance for each institution. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this situation. The objective of the analysis was to examine the impact of the pandemic on college students, with particular attention to community college student mental health issues and to illuminate a possible strategy to respond the expanded staffing needs faced by this sector of higher education.

Authors include Kenneth M. Coll, Dean Emeritus, College of Education, University of Nevada, Reno; Dr. Cathleen Ruch, Director of Student Success Advising, Bismarck State College; Dr. Charles Ruch, President, Boise State University, retired; Ms. Jessica Dimitch, Counselor/Disability Coordinator, Lake Region State College; Dr. Brenda Freeman Counselor Education, University of Nevada, Reno.