Meet Logan Kraft -- LRSC's first hockey coach

Published with permission of the Devils Lake Journal. Story by Andrew Benjamin, Journal Reporter. Story posted on October 12th, 2023


Lake Region State College has a new men’s and women’s hockey team. With a new team, there needs to be a coach to lead them and mold them to become competitive athletes. Meet Logan Kraft, 26, the head hockey coach at LRSC for both the men’s and women’s teams.

The Devils Lake native has a long history with the sport. He began in youth hockey and played all the way to high school in Devils Lake. He was an assistant coach at the University of Mary. When he came back to Devils Lake, he coached some youth hockey. LRSC was starting up a team and Kraft was the person to be the first to step on the rink.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to start up the program… I know I’m very excited,” he said. “It’s a unique opportunity to not only build 1 program but 2 programs at the same time… We’re excited to showcase our skills.”

As he is the first hockey coach, he has no blueprint from anyone before him. That comes with positives and negatives Kraft said.

“It’s got its pros and cons. You get to customize your own equipment. You get to recruit entire teams… But there is also a lot of uncertainty. The scheduling, finding the available ice times… It’s definitely unique.” He credits the park board with helping to accommodate the teams to get those practices in. “It was a huge relief,” he said.

Describing his coaching style as “positive, but hard,” Kraft said he is not only looking for his players to be positive forces when they’re playing but also off the ice.

“I want to develop great men and women on and off the ice. If you help develop the student-athletes to become responsible, respectful, grateful, and things like that, the wins come as an added bonus.”

While Kraft wants his teams to compete at their best and win, academics will come first and foremost. He stated that there is a team GPA goal. “That’s something to take pride in… I want to see all my student-athletes leave with their two-year degrees.”

With the team’s first home game coming up on Friday, Kraft is looking forward to showcasing a team that the college and community can be proud of.

“We’re excited… We’re looking good and we’re looking sharp.”

The LRSC Royals will play against NDSU this Friday, October 13th with the women’s team starting at 5:40 and the men at 8.