Enrollment growth impacts all areas of LRSC

Another jump in enrollment is bringing Lake Region State College closer to pre-pandemic numbers. 

The official census report shows LRSC has 1,810 students compared to 1,679 a year ago. Full time numbers jumped to 443 compared to 416 last year. Total credits are 12,877 compared to 11,961 a year ago.

All areas of the college experienced growth, said Dr. Doug Darling, LRSC President. 

“Multiple programs on campus experienced growth. The college also saw increased enrollment at its LAUNCH program located at UND and in nondegree offerings.”

Darling added that the college continues to expand its reach through recruitment activities and events. The addition of men’s and women’s hockey also impacted overall numbers.

A second year of growth shows even stronger optimism enrollment dips experienced during the COVID pandemic have ended. 

The college will continue to create opportunities for students and parents to get on campus, see the campus and programs first-hand, and visit with program faculty.

“Our one-on-one approach from campus visit to graduation makes an impact,” Darling said.

The fall fourth week count is a snapshot of the students served at Lake Region State College. A report will be issued summer 2024 that reports total students served during the academic year.