Community Paramedicine Certificate new offering at LRSC

Lake Region State College recently added a new certificate program in its Nursing Program.

Employer demand in the EMS community and in public health is emerging as this new community care model is promoted by the National Association of State EMS Officials, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health, and the Center for Leadership, Innovation, and Research in EMS. Employer demand and community need is expected to grow.

Community Paramedicine is a relatively new community care model allowing EMTs and Paramedics the opportunity to expand their role in the community, said Karen Clementich, Director of LRSC’s Nursing Program. 

“With the Community Paramedicine Certificate, EMTS and Paramedics can assist public health and primary healthcare providers, and those that deliver preventative care to underserved populations in the community with the goal of improving access to care.” 

With this certificate, care provided may include post hospital follow-up care, delivery of community education and health promotion programs, and assisting local public health agencies, home health agencies, and other care providers to expand community care to those in need.

Courses for the Community Paramedicine Certificate will begin this fall. The courses will be taken in a mobility format, meaning theory courses will be online and face to face lab work at scheduled times.  

This new certificate program is another example of how Lake Region State College is meeting needs of rural North Dakota. Recently, the college started a Nurse Apprenticeship program in partnership with numerous health care systems throughout the state. A mobility program was added to the nursing program for students to take a large portion of coursework online and schedule clinicals during certain parts of the semester to ease drive time for students at a distance. The college also offers a Paramedic to Nurse program that gives paramedics opportunity to transition into a nursing career through specialized bridge classes. 

For more information on the new Community to Paramedicine Program or Nursing at Lake Region State College, call (701) 662-1644.