Students recognized with awards at graduation

Each graduation, Lake Region State College recognizes students who earned Who’s Who designation. Students who are awarded the Who’s Who distinction must be nominated by a faculty or staff member and show academic and community leadership. A committee then selects the award winners, with one student recognized with the Richard D. Knoke Leadership Award.

This year’s Who’s Who students include: Iara Navarro of Argentina; Lainee Miller of West Jordan, Utah; Tyson Tipton of Harvey, ND; Mencia Rodriguez Medio of Spain: Elijah Person of Devils Lake; Tiziana Huici of Argentina; Charles Craddock of Devils Lake; and Dustyn Nelsen of Egeland, ND.

Charles Craddock was awarded the Richard D. Knoke Leadership Award and was also presented with the Glenn H. Larson Drama Award. 

In the photo back row left to right: Iara Navarro, Tyson Tipton, Elijah Person, Charles Craddock
Front left to right: Lainee Miller, Mencia Rodriguez Medio; Tiziana Huici, Dustyn Nelsen