LRSC enrollment continues to show steady growth

Lake Region State College has released its spring enrollment report. The LRSC Registrar’s Office reports 1,633 students this spring semester compared to 1,558 students for the Spring 2022 term.
The increased enrollment occurred in full-time and part-time students and in total credit production. 

College leaders are optimistic the higher numbers we saw last fall semester and now a healthy spring enrollment are signs that continued growth will develop into a long-term trend. 

“It is exciting to see enrollment increase. What we clearly see is the importance of a campus visit. About 80 percent of students who physically tour Lake Region State College and meet instructors and staff decide to enroll. Not having the option for such face-to-face events during COVID severely hurt that recruitment effort. Now, events and tours continue to increase, which is positive,” said Dr. Doug Darling, LRSC President. 

Although spring semester frequently has fewer students enrolled compared to a fall semester, Darling said a strong spring enrollment means LRSC is finding new students to replace those who graduate in December and that those still in pursuit of their degree are persisting. Darling also stated retention and graduation rates remain strong.

“This is a good sign,” Darling said. “I am confident we will continue to build on this trend.” 

The spring fourth week count is a snapshot of the students served at Lake Region State College. A report will be issued summer 2023 that reports total students served during the academic year.