Courses move to LMS with weather forecast

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday April 12, 13, and 14, faculty at the Devils Lake and Grand Forks AFB locations will shift to asynchronous learning using our learning management system.  During this time, faculty may upload lectures, give assignments, collect homework, adhere to due dates, and interact remotely without requiring synchronous attendance.  Faculty will communicate specific expectations for each course with students though email or through Blackboard.   

Nursing students will receive instructions and expectations for learning and attendance from Nursing Director Karen Clementich. Synchronous learning may be required for nursing students and any absence must be communicated in advance.  Students in the Peace Officer Training Program (Minot) are required to follow the instructions for participation and expectations from Program Director Lt. John Maritato.   Student athletes should look for communications from their coach and athletic director regarding the status of their game schedule and practice.

The LRSC and Grand Forks AFB campus will close at the conclusion of business today and reopen Monday April 18th at 7:45 am.  Please respect the severity of this storm and stay safe! 

Let me add that the college should be considered open for activities scheduled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if those scheduled to use our facilities want to use them.  For example, the DLYA is scheduled to have a youth basketball tournament in the gym on Saturday.  If weather permits and they choose to continue as planned, our facility should be open and ready for them. 

While we are closing for safety reasons, staff with the ability to work from home, and provided a laptop, should bring their computer home with them so they can perform essential work, check email, respond to messages, and hold necessary meetings using Teams.  We are not expecting staff to work full days in a work from home manner, but we must take responsibility to perform essential tasks that must be completed storm or no storm.