WFPD enhances LRSC peace officer training program

Equipment donations to technical programs enrich training. Educational programs that partner with industry enhance learning opportunities for current students and future workforce.

This past semester, Lake Region State College’s Peace Officer Training Program received a donation of equipment from the West Fargo Police Department. 

“Our training program was fortunate to receive 58 Black Hawk Gun Holsters and 55 Black Hawk flashlights that attach to guns to utilize in our academy,” said LRSC Peace Officer Training Program Director Lt. John Maritato. 

Donations of this size impact program delivery. Each year the LRSC Peace Officer Training Academy delivers its program in Devils Lake, Minot, and Grand Forks, Maritato added. Equipment becomes well used over time.

The West Fargo Police Department has been a long-time partner to guide, train, and develop many students who strived to be the next line of law enforcement professionals.  

Many of the West Fargo Police officers were able to help train LRSC Peace Officer students in areas such as defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations tactical room clearing, DUI detection, and more, said Lt. Jason Anderson with the West Fargo Police Department.

“West Fargo Police saw a chance to reach out to Lake Region State College and see if we as a department could give to a program that has had a great impact on how our police department has grown and developed,” Anderson said.

Anderson added that West Fargo’s Police Department has been extremely fortunate to hire many outstanding students that have successfully graduated from LRSC’s Peace Officer program. In the last three years, West Fargo Police 
Department has hired nine LRSC peace officer graduates.  The West Fargo Police Department has 67 sworn officers and serves a community of over 37,000 people.  

Maritato said the equipment went right to use in the Peace Officer Training Academy. 

“Students will be training with equipment used by more agencies in the state. The flashlights will be attached to their training guns which will fit in the new holsters. This provides students a real-life experience when it comes to equipment and usage,” Maritato said.

Those real-life experiences and partnerships create a stronger law enforcement community, Anderson added. 

“West Fargo Police has had a very good working relationship with Lake Region State College and all the students because it is only working together that we can make this profession better for not only the officers but the communities they will serve,” Anderson said.

Applications are being accepted now for the summer and fall peace officer training academies. For more information call (701) 662-1683.                Sgt. Greg LaHaise and Lt. John Maritato