LRSC optimistic with spring enrollment numbers

Lake Region State College has released its spring enrollment report.  The LRSC Registrar’s Office reports 1,758 students for the Spring 2021 term, down 13 students from Fall 2020. 

“Considering the uncertainties of COVID-19, I’m not sure I could be any happier with our enrollment numbers,” said Dr. Doug Darling, LRSC President. 

Darling added that when spring numbers mirror fall closely, it means LRSC is finding new students to replace those that graduate in December and that those still in pursuit of their degree are persisting.

“The fact we are only down a handful of students from the fall is incredible, especially when fall enrollments were down about 10 percent.”

The 1,758 students this spring is down 130 from Spring 2020, but constitutes an improvement of 81 students from the 211 lost from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020.  

“This is a good sign”,  Darling said. “I am hopeful these numbers signal future growth.” 

Darling also stated retention efforts are strong and the college remains optimistic and adaptable.  

“LRSC continues its efforts to eliminate close contacts in the classroom and achieve social distancing objectives, which is more attainable with smaller class sizes. That said, we do want to see the campus population grow, especially as more people are able to receive the COVID vaccine.” 

The spring fourth week count is a snapshot of the students served at Lake Region State College. A report will be issued summer 2021 that reports total students served during the academic year.