Courses offered over holiday break

Students can enroll in courses over the Christmas holiday break.

Intersession Courses are being offered by LRSC in a condensed session between end of Fall Semester and start of Spring Semester. The classes will be offered online from December 21 through January 8. Registration is open for these courses. 

Courses offered include:
CHEM 299: Chemistry of the Solar System
This course will be largely discussion based with no lab, and a 3-credit course. There is no textbook requirement for this course and the course will explore information from NASA related to stars, planets, and other bodies in our solar system. If you are interested in the solar system and looking to fill a few elective credits, this could be a great class to explore!
CSCI 101: Introduction to Computers
This is a 3-credit course and provides the fundamental concepts and terminology related to hardware, software, communications, and the use of computers in society. It is designed for a transfer student or a student in the Information Technology Curriculum. 
HPER 210: First Aid
The First Aid course gives instruction and laboratory practice in first aid procedures. CPR Certification is part of this course.
MATH 103: College Algebra
The content of the course contains relations and functions, equations and inequalities, complex numbers; polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and many other concepts.
PSYC 111: Introduction to Psychology
The course enables students to pursue upper level psychology courses. It gives basic ideas, concepts, and perspectives of psychology.