Student study abroad May 2021

Immerse yourself in the Renaissance during the LRSC Study Abroad Trip in 2021 to Rome, Florence, Paris, and London.

For 10 days, you’ll see artistic highlights of the classical, Renaissance and modern periods. Start off with the Vatican, where you could spend the afternoon admiring the architecture and famous murals of St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel.  Follow the history of the Renaissance as it unfolded in Florence. Find big-time art in the Louvre and experience authentic French cuisine. Check out the red phone booth in London or ride the infamous red bus. Explore these four iconic cities and personally connect their histories and cultures to your own, gaining worldly perspectives to draw on for the rest of your life. 

Students may earn 3 humanities credits towards their degree. Sign up for an approved pre-requsite class and the trip itself will be another three credits. 
Pre-Req Classes: choose 1 (or more )
HUMS  251      T/ TR      12:30       Fall 2020
HUMS  252     T/TR       12:30       Spring 2021
HIST     101      MWF         9:00       Fall 2020
HIST     102     MWF         9:00       Spring 2021

Check into the possibility of using financial aid by checking with Kelsey Walters, or apply for a travel scholarship by filling out the following form and submitting to Ms. Tande by August 25th. Travel Scholarship Application

For more information and details, go to the LRSC Study Abroad site or contact