LRSC Study Abroad 2024

Study abroad for the Essence of ENGLISH IsleS! 

Boost your opportunities for employment and scholarships before you leave Lake Region State College: Take part in SHORT TERM (10-12 days) STUDY ABROAD. It has many of the same benefits of long-term (a semester or so) but is more affordable and far less of a time commitment. View more information or view the trip itinerary.

For 2024, LRSC Study Abroad will be going to three countries:  Ireland, Wales, and England. Here’s your chance to kiss the Blarney Stone, learn an Irish step dance, see castles from the 1200s, visit Shakespeare’s hometown, and if enough people sign up, see Stonehenge. 

The trip will leave Fargo on May 31st (or within 2 days of that date) and with travel time, be gone for two days. The cost includes all transportation--- airfare, bus rides, and ferry rides; all admissions; lodging with breakfast every morning, and at least three evening meals.

If you qualify for Financial Aid, you may use financial aid for this trip by taking one of these four classes:

Fall: HUMS 251 or Western Civ I  
Spring: HUMS 252 or Western Civ II

Then in the spring sign up for HUMS 211 which includes the trip and some before and during assignments

The world is becoming global; you need to keep up with the world. Choose to travel today. 
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