Softball team adopts girls

The Lake Region State College Royals softball team has added more players. 

Twenty-month old Jessly Beckstrand  was matched with the Lake Region State College Softball team. Jessly has been fighting brain cancer since she was 10 months old. The Royals “adopted” Jessly and her 3-year old sister Mariska to help lift spirits as Jessly faces this cancer fight. 

“Through the help of a cancer foundation, Friends of Jaclyn, we were able to be matched up with the LRSC Softball team,” said Jessly’s parents, Justin and Debbie Beckstrand.

The softball team along with head coach Kory Boehmer and assistant coach Jade Ledochowski met with the Schoepp family Feb. 19 and presented gifts for Jessly and her sister and the family. The players hung out with the girls, playing games and getting to know their newest family members.

“We kind of adopted the family so we definitely want to be a part of both the girls’ lives moving forward,” said LRSC Softball Coach Kory Boehmer.