Enrollment remains steady

Lake Region State College has released its spring enrollment report. LRSC Registrar Dan Johnson reports that college enrollment for Spring 2020 is 1,888. 
Lake Region State College President Doug Darling said although the total number is higher than the 1,817 in Spring 2019, full-time equivalent numbers and credit hour production is comparable between the two years. 

“This spring our full-time equivalent is 904 and was 905 in 2019. We have many more part-time students this spring compared to last spring. We are pleased to see our overall numbers be strong when compared to the past few years. This shows our retention efforts are strong and students see the value in Lake Region State College.” 

Residence halls continue to be at capacity for another semester.

Darling added that LRSC continues to work with business and industry on partnerships, internships, and apprenticeships to enhance programming and student learning opportunities. 

A student who lives at home and commutes to LRSC for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree before transferring can see savings of almost $20,000. 

 “Students are looking for great education at a great value. If students can live at home and commute for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, or obtain an employment-ready credential in two years or less, they see immense cost savings,” Darling said.  

The fourth week count is a snapshot of the students served at Lake Region State College. A report will be issued summer 2020 that reports total students served during the academic year.