A Gift That Keeps Giving

An endowment is a wonderful gift that gives forever! More than one hundred and eighty endowments and three charitable trusts have been established by individuals or families wishing to support scholarships or programming at Lake Region State College. Each is supported with a gift of at least fifteen thousand dollars. Only the earnings from the endowments listed below are used to support yearly awards.

Endowed gifts for scholarship support (listed below) help students access life-changing learning opportunities. External resources for scholarships have the power to change a life.

  • They reduce financial barriers.
  • They reward academic success.
  • They drive enrollment.
  • They strengthen retention.
  • They encourage campus engagement.
  • They help students discover LRSC and make the decision to enroll.  

Endowed gifts for instructional programming support make learning experiences strong, better, more powerful. External resources dedicated to program enhancement are transformational. They encourage faculty to seek new solutions … reward teaching innovation … provide new classroom resources ... foster collaboration … encourage student engagement. They empower faculty to grow professionally and continuously improve student learning outcomes.

Legacy “hybrid” endowments with corpora of $100,000 or larger may provide scholarships and/or enhance instructional programming, at the request of the donor.

Chartitable Trust have been established by individuals who recognized the value of a good education and believed in supporting quality community education in the Lake Region. A portion of the earnings from these trusts is used to provide scholarship dollars, opening doors to opportunities for students from the Lake Region and beyond.

Legacy “Hybrid” Endowments

Bergstrom Family Endowment
Agnes Hastad Memorial Endowment
Anita and Louis Pine Memorial Endowment
Stephen and Carla Pine Endowment
Leevers Family Endowment
Armen and Connie Hanson Endowment

Endowed Gifts for Scholarship Support

AAUW Endowment
Terry Aronson Memorial Endowment
Altringer Family Endowment
Altru Clinic-Lake Region Endowment
American Bank Center Endowment
Arne and Kristi Berg Family Endowment
K-B Denny and Betty Besse Family Endowment
Children of Archie and Doris Borstad Scholarship Endowment
Rodney J. Brown Endowment
Colleen Bryn Memorial Endowment
Thomas and Gillmore Bundy Memorial Endowment

William H. Byram Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Patricia and Willis Calderwood Endowment
Campus Clan and Kin Endowment
Edwin L. Carpenter Memorial Endowment
Citizens Community Credit Union Endowment
Clifford G. and Ann Clemenson Endowment
Thomas Paulson Cranna Memorial Endowment
Crary All-School Reunion Endowment
Cutler-Maetzold Endowment
Dakota Bull Session Endowment
Darling Family Endowment

Beverly Dalziel Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Devils Lake Masonic Lodge #21 AF&AM Endowment
Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department Endowment
Herman and Margaret Dimmler Memorial Endowment
Brian Thomas Duchscherer Memorial Endowment

George and Mary Jane Eidsness Scholarship Endowment
Kathy Eisenzimmer Memorial Endowment
Clarence and Ruth Erlandson Endowment
G. Bruce Fairgrieve Engineering Endowment
Fawcett Family Memorial Endowment
Rick and Dr. Deb Follman  Family Endowment
Foughty Family Endowment
Gate City Bank Endowment
Arlo Gebhard Memorial Endowment
Jay and Mavis Gerrells Endowment
Doris Greenleaf Memorial Endowment
Susan E. Greenleaf Academic Achievement Endowment
Donald E. Grinolds Military Educator of the Year Endowment
Gunnerud-Dietrich American Legion Post 86 & Auxiliary Unit 86 of Minnewaukan Endowment
John M. Hagen Memorial Endowment
Julin and Bonnie Hagen Scholarship Endowment
Agnes and Edward Halvorson Endowment
Everett A. Hahn, Jr. Memorial Endowment
Robert and JoEllen Hall Scholarship Endowment
Delphia Halle Memorial Endowment
C. Rudolph and Anne Hanson Memorial Endowment
Walter and Helen Hanson Endowment
Greg Haugen Memorial Endowment
Rodger and Connie Haugen Endowment
John and Ruth Haugland Scholarship Endowment
Darrel and Connie Heins Scholarship Endowment
Nicci and Merle Henke Endowment
Thomas F. Herda Memorial Endowment
Kathlyn Heustis Memorial Endowment
Curt and Annette Hofstad Endowment
Andy Horner Memorial Endowment
Perry Horner Peace Officer Training Scholarship Endowment
Brian and Deb Houkom Scholarship Endowment

Huesgen Family Endowment
Frank Hyland Memorial Endowment
J.A.N.S. Jan’s Annual Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Aurelie and William Jerome Endowment
Chuck and Sherry Jerome Family Endowment
Gerald R. Johnson Jr. Memorial Endowment

Leonard Johnson Memorial Endowment

Morgan Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Murray and Beth Johnson Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Patrick Kavanaugh Memorial Endowment
Corry and Kristin Kenner Scholarship Endowment
Darwin and Ruth Kenner Scholarship Endowment
Philip John Kenner Science Scholarship Endowment
Shirley Kienast Memorial Endowment
Hazel and Lucas (Gus) Kirchoffner Scholarship Endowment
James Kirk Endowment
Dorothy Kitterman Scholarship Endowment
Klemetsrud Family Endowment
Todd A. Kraft Memorial Endowment
James and Virginia LaBarre Endowment
Laber Family Endowment
Izzy and Gwenn LaFleur Endowment
Lake Region Winter Sports Endowment
Cynthia Kuchar LaMotte Memorial Endowment
Beatrice Larson Memorial Endowment
Patrick Liere Memorial Endowment

Marvin Linde Scholarship Endowment

Dr. James Mahoney Memorial Endowment
Clarence W. and Ruth Cahoon Maxwell Memorial Endowment
Theresa Herda McCaughey Memorial Endowment
Carol McLaurin Memorial Endowment
David and Jamie Nienhuis Endowment
Tom and Regina Nistler Endowment
Nordic Fiberglass Endowment
North Dakota Telephone Company Endowment
Herman and Emma Oehlke Memorial Endowment
Arnold and Dorothy Oehlsen Memorial Endowment
Maurice and Carol Olson Scholarship Endowment
Valence Pascal Memorial Endowment
Marilyn Pederson Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Travis Pesek Memorial Endowment
Melvin and Margaret Peterson Endowment
Inez Piltingsrud (Herman/Buttz) Scholarship Endowment
Christian M. Praus Memorial Endowment
Pung Girls Endowment
Michael J. Pung, Jr. Business Scholarship
Ramsey National Bank Endowment

Regynski Family Scholarship Endowment

Rice Family Scholarship Endowment
Arvin and Jeanette Rohrer Scholarship Endowment
Rotary Club of Devils Lake Endowment
Harold “Bob” Sager Memorial Endowments I and II
Olger Sandven Memorial Endowment

Jeremiah Santos Memorial Endowment

Duane and Linda Schwab Family Endowment

Toofawn Simhai Memorial Endowment
Mike Slag Memorial Endowment
Gary and Rita Stenson Endowment
Debbie Stromme Memorial Endowment
Student Success Scholarship Endowment

Iola Hope Erickson Sundstrom Scholarship Endowment
Lester and Elizabeth Summer Memorial Endowment
Harley and Viola Summers Toolbox Scholarship Endowment
Tabert Family Endowment
Lyder and Boots Tande Scholarship Endowment
Target Roofing Endowment
Scott Allan Thompson Memorial Endowment

Leon A. Timboe Scholarship Endowment
Michael and Daniel Tufte Memorial Endowment
Edmund E. Toutges Memorial Endowment
Angela Turkula Memorial Endowment

Jeff and Barbra Wahl Family Scholarship Endowment
Daniel and Victoria Wakefield Family Endowment
James D. Wakefield Memorial Endowment
Thomas Wakefield Family Memorial Endowment
H. K. Wakeford Scholarship Endowment

William and JoAnn Watson Endowment
Wilton and Shirley Webster Family Endowment
Western Endowment
Greg and Janet Westlind Endowment
Professor Frank White Endowment
Jack and Kathy Wilhelmi Scholarship Endowment
Professor Woll Memorial Endowment
Albert and Janet Wood Endowment
Matthew Wood Memorial Endowment

Woodland Resort Scholarship Endowment

Endowed Gifts for Instructional Programming Support

Merril and Dorothy Berg Trust
Dean & Heidi Bittner Family Endowment
Mike and Ellen Connor Endowment
Etemad Family Endowment
President Sharon Etemad Legacy Fund

Dr. Louise Fawcett and Dr. Varick Olson Auditorium Support Endowment

Dr. Louise Fawcett and Dr. Varick Olson Theater Arts Department Support Endowment
Kermit and Glenna Garske Endowment
James snd Linda Gibbens Endowment
Goulding Family Endowment
High Plains Equipment Endowment
Paul Hoghaug Library Endowment
Peter and Pamela Jerome Helping Hand Endowment

Johnston Family Endowment
Lloyd and Lois Jones Memorial Endowment
Corry and Kristin Kenner Fun-Raising Endowment
Lannoye Family Endowment

Colleen Learned Memorial Endowment
Mary E. Lundy Program Endowment
Alan Martin Memorial Endowment
Mosbaek Family Endowment
NET Fund for the Future
Keith Thomas Nistler Endowment
Elsie Erickstad Olson Memorial Endowment
Priority Needs Program Endowment
Fred and Luella Rance Endowment
Harold Sager Memorial Program Endowment
Herman and May Shark Fund for Marketing Excellence

Scott Allan Thompson Endowment
Daniel and Victoria Wakefield Program Endowment
Karn and Les Windjue Endowment

Charitable Trusts

Alf and Rolf Bo Trust
Florence Lake Charitable Trust

Robert Roberts Charitable Trust
Gustaf Thelin Trust