LRSC COVID-19 Preparedness & Response

LRSC COVID-19 Summer 2021 Protocol

Lake Region State College resources, policies, procedures, and other information regarding COVID-19. 

Effective Monday May 17, 2021, Lake Region State College will be retiring our current COVID protocols.

Retired protocol is inclusive of all nine sections formerly listed under the COVID-19 menu tab, including: 1) LRSC Smart Restart Plan, 2) LRSC COVID-19 Reporting, 3) Isolation and Quarantine protocol for LRSC students, 4) Isolation and Quarantine protocol for LRSC faculty and staff, 5) Wearing a face mask, 6) Bookstore, 7) Dining Services, 8) Housing protocol, and 9) Residence Hall information FAQ. Also retired is our COVID-19 dashboard showing the numbers of faculty, staff, and students in isolation and quarantine.

The following protocol will be in effect until August 15, 2021, at which time new protocol will be published for the start of fall semester.

  1. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to promptly notify the HR Director if they are positive for COVID or if they are symptomatic. Deliberate failure to do so would constitute a violation of our employee and student Code of Conduct policies.
  2.  Faculty, staff and students will not be allowed on campus for 10 days (from onset of symptoms or from the date of the test) if they are positive for COVID, have significant symptoms consistent with COVID (i.e. loss of taste and/or smell), or have a household member who tests positive for COVID and the faculty, staff, or student is not vaccinated.
    • Faculty and staff shall use sick leave or annual leave unless they can work from home and are approved by their supervisor to work from home. Students must attend class remotely when it is possible to do so and the technology is in place. 
    • Residence hall students shall be moved to a different room where they will stay until 10 days has passed since their positive test and/or their onset of symptoms. Students will not be allowed to leave their residence hall room unless they wear a mask and go directly to the nearest exit and leave the building.
  3. Masks will be worn by all in attendance during any indoor instructional activity, when the number in attendance exceeds 50% of the standard capacity of the classroom or event venue unless at least 75% of those in attendance are vaccinated and willing to provide proof. Instructional activity includes the Peace Officer Training Program, Nursing Program, and any other face-to-face indoor classroom activity.
  4. For non-instructional settings, all LRSC buildings will be mask-optional. Mask wearing in hallways, offices, meeting rooms, office suites, and public spaces like the Bookstore, Dining Room, Student Union, and Learning Commons, etc. is at the discretion of each individual visitor, employee and student.
  5. Meeting rooms, including Chautauqua Gallery, Heritage Hall, Colonial Room, Collinson Room, and other like rooms will be mask-optional with maximum capacity of the room set at 75% of standard capacity.
  6. Any staff or faculty member can decline an invitation to attend an in-person meeting and request the organizer to allow for remote attendance (Teams, Zoom, etc.).
  7. Faculty and staff may continue to eat in their office.
  8. Routine COVID-related cleaning and disinfecting by physical plant staff will cease. Employees with a desire to clean and disinfect their work areas will be provided with the supplies to do so.