English, Arts & Humanities

English & Communications

If you can write and communicate, you can do anything. Studies in English create a solid foundation in writing and communication regardless of your major. It also serves as a great bachelor’s degree program or related studies if you plan on transferring to a university. An English background is used for those looking at careers in law, teaching, journalism, public relations, business, and government.

Communications Courses Offered

  • COMM 110: Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • BOTE 214: Business Reports & Communication (3 Credits)

English Courses Offered

  • ENGL 105: Technical Communications (3 Credits)
  • ENGL 110: College Composition I (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ENGL 120: College Composition II (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ENGL 125: Introduction to Professional Writing (3 Credits)*


The visual art department at Lake Region State College offers many courses on campus and online. The state-of-the-art equipment and faculty rival that of any university. With 3 kilns, a raku kiln, pottery wheels, drawing desks, and more, students receive instruction in an intimate, creative setting. 

The goal of the Theatre Department is to allow students to experience real and relevant theatre within a college setting, to push students to step into a new world and look at different perspectives through new and exciting characters.

Visual Arts Courses Offered

  • ART 110: Intro to Visual Arts (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 122: Two-Dimensional Art (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 130: Drawing I (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 140: Crafts I (3 Credits)*
  • ART 210: Art History I (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 211: Art History II (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 212: Principles of Graphic Design (3 Credits)
  • ART 214: Non-Western Art History (3 Credits)
  • ART 220: Painting I (3 Credits)*
  • ART 230: Drawing II (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 250: Ceramics I (3 Credits)*
  • ART 251: Ceramics II (3 Credits)*
  • ART 280: Photography I (3 Credits)* - Available Online
  • ART 281: Photography II (3 Credits) - Available Online

Degree & Transfer Opportunities
Although LRSC does not offer a program or degree in Visual Arts, art courses are collegiate courses that transfer to a four-year college or university. Visual Arts courses can also be used towards an Associate Arts Degree
Courses in Visual Arts may transfer as:

  • elective credits
  • program requirement credits
  • and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution

The Theatre department at Lake Region State College offers many courses and opportunities within the theatre arts including theatre courses, Playmakers drama club, and several performances throughout the year.

Theatre Arts Courses Offered 

  • THEA 110: Introduction to Theatre Arts (3 credits)
  • THEA 161: Acting I (3 Credits)
  • THEA 201: Theatre Practicum (1 Credit)
  • THEA 251: Summer Theatre (1 Credit)

Degree & Transfer Options

Although LRSC does not offer a degree in Theatre, theatre courses are collegiate courses that transfer to a four-year college or university. Theatre courses can also be used towards an Associate Arts Degree.

Courses in Theatre Arts may transfer as:

  • elective credits
  • program requirement credits
  • and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution

Theatre Productions
The LRSC Theatre Department produces 2-3 professional productions per year. Regular performances include a fall and spring show. Each production holds professional auditions for students to gain auditioning experience. 

American College Theatre Festival
Each year the students and faculty work to raise funds to attend the regional American College Theatre Festival which provides professional and educational opportunities to students.

LRSC Playmakers Drama Club
The Playmakers Drama Club seeks to find ways of sharing theatre in our community. They are instrumental in running the productions throughout the year. They also provide community service through theatre performances and workshops. The Playmakers members are the first group that gets to sign up for the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival. The Playmakers also use theatre as the central means by which to raise funds. Their fundraising goes from reading to children to doing improved nights with the students on campus. Funds are used to assist productions, provide workshops, and attend theatre festivals.

 History & Humanities

History Courses Offered

  • HIST 101: Western Civilization I (3 credits)*
  • HIST 102: Western Civilization II (3 credits)* - Available Online
  • HIST 103: U.S. to 1877 (3 credits)* - Available Online
  • HIST 104: U.S. Since 1877 (3 credits)* - Available Online
  • HIST 207: The U.S. and Current World Affairs (3 credits)*
  • HIST 208: United States: 1932 to Present (3 credits)*
  • HIST 210: United States Military History (3 credits) - Available Online
  • HIST 220: North Dakota History (3 credits)*
  • HIST 221: History of the American Frontier (3 credits)*
  • HIST 235: U.S.: The Roaring 20s (3 credits)*
  • HIST 239: U.S. and the Vietnam War (3 credits)*
  • HIST 299: Special Topics (1-3 credits) - Available Online

Humanities Courses Offered

  • ENGL 150: Library Orientation (1 credit)
  • ENGL 211: Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credits)* - Available Online
  • ENGL 213: Literary Publication (3 credits)
  • ENGL 220: Introduction to Literature (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 221: Introduction to Drama (2 credits)*
  • ENGL 223: Introduction to the Novel (3 credits)* - Available Online
  • ENGL 224: Introduction to Fiction (2 credits)* - Available Online
  • ENGL 225: Introduction to Film (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 231: Bible as Literature (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 232: Mythology (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 238: Children's Literature (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 251: British Literature I (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 252: British Literature II (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 278: Alternative Literature (3 credits)*
  • ENGL 299: Special Topics (1-3 credits)
  • HUMS 199: Special Topics: International Student Experience (1 credit)
  • HUMS 211: Integrated Cultural Excursion (1-3 credits)
  • HUMS 212: Integrated Cultural Enrichment (1 credit)*
  • HUMS 251: Survey of Humanities I (3 credits)*
  • HUMS 252: Survey of Humanities II (3 credits)*

American Sign Language
American Sign Language is a language of humanity.

*NDUS GER: North Dakota University System General Education Requirements (GER) approved b NDUS institutions as meeting the requirements for GERTA (General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement).


Jenna Brooks, Assistant Professor | English, Speech

Marilyn Buresh, Professor | History, Political Science

April Hubbard, Instructor | Theater

Jessica Santini, Associate Professor | English

Stevan Waddell, Instructor | English