Wind Energy Technology

Students in the Wind Energy Technician program have the option of completing a one year certificate program or continuing to the second year to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

The Wind Energy Technician Program at Lake Region State College is the first of its kind in the state of North Dakota. Rapid growth in the wind energy industry has sparked a burgeoning need for technicians. Lake Region State College has anticipated this emergence of workforce need and has worked closely with industry representatives to designed wind energy technician training courses that will prepare students for careers in the wind energy industry.

Students in the program will learn:

  • Safety in the workforce
  • Fix and maintain wind turbines
  • Hands-on educational experience by working on the actual turbines.
  • Working in high areas 
  • Working in confined spaces

Associate in Applied Science degree


CIS 224 Networking I 3
CIS 243 Networking II 3
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
COMM 212 Interpersonal Communications 3
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
HPER 165 First Responder>or  
HPER 210 First Aid 2
PSYC 100 Human Relations in Organizations 3
WNDT 100 Electricity I 5
WNDT 101 Introduction to Wind Operations 3
WNDT 110 Wind Turbine Safety 3
WNDT 150 Hydraulic Fundamentals 2
WNDT 200 Electricity II 5
WNDT 201 Wind Operations: Troubleshooting and Maintenance 3
WNDT 205 Motors and Generator Control 2
WNDT 215 Operation and Maintenance Site Support 3
WNDT 240 Programmable Logic Controllers 2
*General Education Humanities or Social Sciences 3
*Electives Work closely with advisor to choose electives 9




Students must have the ability to climb and have good manual dexterity. Wind energy technicians must also be able to work in confined spaces. Work on wind towers may be indoor or outdoor in a variety of weather conditions.