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Pear Deck Tutoring for Students

Lake Region State College Students have access to help in both online and on-campus courses anytime…day or night!

Online Tutoring Services are integrated into Blackboard courses. To access Pear Deck Tutor, log in to your course and use the link in your course. (This link might be labeled "TutorMe.")

Pear Deck Tutoring is an online education platform that provides on-demand 1:1 tutoring. Tutoring is available in over 300 subjects and connects students with live tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pear Deck Tutoring provides a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen-sharing, graphing calculators, and more.

Students can connect with a live tutor or submit their writing to the Writing Lab. Pear Deck Tutor services are free to LRSC students.

Student How-To Guide

Pear DEck Tutoring- Online Tutoring

Pear Deck Tutor Guides

How to Start a Lesson with a Tutor


How do I submit a paper for review?


How to Search for a Tutor by Subject


How to Upload a File


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TutorMe Technical Support

Click the speech bubble at the bottom right of the TutorMe screen to access Live chat or open a ticket. TutorMe does not offer phone support.