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Disability Support Services FAQs

  • What accommodations can I receive?
    • Accommodations are based off of the documented disability of the student. Students may only receive accommodations for the area in which they are limited by their disability. The presence of a disability does not necessarily qualify a student for accommodations.
    • Possible accommodations may include: extended test times, test reader, note-taker, interpreter, etc.
  • In high school I took modified tests; multiple choice tests would have only 2 choices to pick from rather than 4. Will this be available for tests in my college classes?
    • No, this would be considered a modification rather than an accommodation. Students with a disability will be required to complete the exact same work as their peers.
  • When do I need to request accommodations?
    • You should notify the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible if you feel you may need accommodations. Before accommodations may be made, you must have all the proper documentation submitted and you must also meet with the coordinator to determine what accommodations will be necessary. Keep in mind that some accommodations, such as note-takers and interpreting services can take days or even weeks to put in place.
  • How often do I need to meet with the disability services coordinator?
    • You must meet with the coordinator at least once every semester. It is recommended that you check in with disability services a couple of times throughout the semester too, to help ensure we are providing you with the most appropriate accommodations.
  • Can I receive a failing grade for a college class in which I am receiving accommodations?
    • Yes. Accommodations allow students access to education. However, they do not necessarily guarantee success in the class.

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