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Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda gives members that opportunity to grow as a business professional. Employers are looking for students with cutting-edge skills. PBL gives members the chance to gain these skills and prepares them for the "real-world" after college. Phi Beta Lambda will set a student apart from the average graduate! In today's highly competitive business environment it takes more than just a degree to succeed. It requires business savvy, leadership skills, and technical knowledge. By taking advantage of the many programs that Phi Beta Lambda offers, students acquire the skills that will set them apart from the average graduate. They will be better prepared for careers, graduate school, and for life!

The national association partners with various organizations to create and promote educational programs and curriculum, and to provide members with unique opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge that they are learning in the classroom.

The Goals of PBL:
  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership
  • Strengthen the confidence of students
  • Create more interest and understanding of American business enterprise
  • Encourage members in the development of individual projects
  • Developcharacter, prepare for useful citizenship and foster patriotism
  • Encourage and practiceefficient money management
  • Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty
  • Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work
Student Testimonials:
Phi Beta Lambda has given me the opportunity to learn, travel and grow as a business professional. I have learned how to deal with real-world issues, concerns and needs, as well as develop by leadership skills. Being a state officer in Phi Beta Lambda has allowed me to develop skills in both planning and organizing. Through attending state and national conferences, I have been able to network with my peers, as well as adults to build skills that will last a lifetime.
- Hannah McInnes
How do I become a member?
Any Lake Region State College student taking one or more business classes can pay their dues and come an active member of PhiBeta Lambda.
What type of events does PBL participate in?
National Leadership Conference
State Phi Beta Lambda Conference
Leadership Development Institute
Where do we meet?
Phi Beta Lambda is a class that can be taken in the spring. The class is BOTE 116 Student Leadership Practicum. Meetings are held every Monday 12:00 to 12:50 PM.
Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) Bylaws


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