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What to bring to college...

  • Linens: pillows, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths
  • Clothes hangers
  • Toiletries, hygiene supplies
  • Removable adhesive for hanging posters and pictures
  • Wastebasket
  • Iron


What you may also want to bring:

  • Electronics: computers, gaming devices, radios, stereos, tape recorders, TV/Blu-Ray, etc 
  • Wall decorations: posters, photos, etc.  No nails/staples
  • Floor coverings: throw rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, etc.
  • Small refrigerators, corn poppers, sewing machine
  • Hair dryers, curling irons, razors, electric shavers
  • Dishes: silverware, cups, glasses, pots, pans, dish soap, dish towels
  • Laundry supplies: basket, laundry soap, fabric softener
  • Table lamp or study light (no halogen light over 120 watts)
  • Fan
  • Extension cords, surge protectors


What NOT to bring:

  • Pets (except small fish)
  • Halogen lamps over 120 watts
  • Firearms, fireworks, or any lethal weapons
  • Cooking appliances: crock pots, frying pans, hot plates, coffee pots, toasters, electronic grills, etc.
  • Heating appliances: space heaters, electric fireplaces, etc.
  • Open fires: candles, potpourri burners, incense, oil lamps, etc.
  • Alcohol: including decorative containers
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Combustible materials: gasoline, propane, charcoal starter fluid, etc.


What is provided:

  • Desk and chair
  • Twin bed
  • Dresser
  • Mirror
  • Closet space
  • Window blinds
  • Bathroom supplies: toilet paper, cleaning supplies


What is available:

  • Ironing boards
  • Vacuum, mops, brooms
  • Washers and dryers

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