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Roommate Match

If you have already chosen a roommate, put his/her name in the appropriate space on the Housing Application. Your roommate must do the same on his/her application to guarantee matching assignment.  Remember, best friends don't always make the best roommates.

If you leave your roommate to chance, you're more likely to gain another great friend and broaden your horizons.

Tell us about yourself to help you find the roommate who shares your interests.

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Do you smoke?
Will you live with someone who smokes (smoking is not allowed in rooms or on campus)?
I consider myself
Clean is:
I prefer my room to be
I am
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I would like to live with
I prefer to live with
I would like my roommate to be
I have interests in
My musical tastes include
I want my room to be
How many hours a day do you prefer to study in your room?
I like to study
When studying I prefer
I prefer no loud noise after
When someone would like a sleepover party

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