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Campus Laptop Rental

Agreement and Lease

  • $80/semester paid for in the Business Office before laptop is issued, or
  • $10/week (regardless if you have it for 1 day or 7 days) paid for in the Business Office before laptop is issued
  • Late fees $3/day
  • Extensions granted based on availability and/or waiting lists
  • Laptop pick up in the computer help center Lake Region State College does not discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, sex, disability, etc. Approval is based solely on verification that requesting student is in "good standing" with the college.

Rental Agreement

I am an enrolled student at Lake Region State College (LRSC). I am renting a laptop from LRSC in accordance with the following stipulations:

I am an enrolled student at LRSC.

I understand that LRSC is renting the laptop to me for academic purposes related to Lake Region State College. I have read and agree to follow the North Dakota University System (NDUS) computer policies as well as the LRSC Computer Usage Policy.

It is agreed that the student will exercise due care in the handling and use of the above-noted laptop. This laptop is non-transferable meaning it can be used only by the student to whom it has been leased. It must be returned in good condition to ITS at such time named student leaves Lake Region State College.

If the student does not return the laptop and/or in the event of damage due to misuse or neglect of the laptop, Lake Region State College reserves the right to 1. Charge the student a reasonable replacement cost or cost for repairs as determined by ITS, 2. Withhold transcripts and the release of final grades, or both, and 3. Report the computer as stolen or vandalized.

The Student understands and agrees that the College is not responsible for claims which arise out of the Student’s use of this laptop, including claims for damages to property and injuries to person.

Lake Region State College and ITS are not responsible for any loss of work or files saved on the hard drive of the laptop. If you require your work to be saved, you are expected to save it to removable media. An image of the original hard drive will be on file at ITS. If necessary, the hard drive can be restored; however, any files you may have saved to the hard drive will be lost. ITS will provide reasonable support for the above laptop exclusive of software and/or hardware installed by named student.

In the event of loss or damage to the laptop, the student agrees to inform ITS, telephone number 662-1596 so reasonable repairs or replacement of missing parts can be made. There is no guarantee a replacement laptop will be available in the event of a complete system failure (i.e. motherboard and/or processor). Any other problems may be submitted to ITS through a Help Desk Ticket found at


I agree to return possession of the above laptop to LRSC upon leaving Lake Region State College. I understand that failure to do so will result in a presumption of theft and a fine of $1,000 applied to existing accounts payable record.
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