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Page Background

Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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Information Technology


the business application and

technical skills needed for entry-

level positions in a wide array of

business settings.

Law Enforcement

—A common

requirement for advancement in

law enforcement careers.


—Prepare for exciting

jobs in sales, digital marketing,

and marketing management.


—Begin a challenging

carreer in nursing and learn to

care for patients in a variety of

health care settings such as hospi-

tals and long-term care facilities.

Peace Officer Training

—A rigorous

one-semester program to prepare

for employment as a peace officer

in North Dakota.

Precision Agriculture

—The de-

mand on farmers to continu-

ously produce more food, fiber,

fuel, and pharmaceuticals for the

world has made it necessary that

they become more efficient by us-

ing various forms of precision ag


Simulator Technology

—Learn to

troubleshoot, repair, and maintain

electronic and mechanical compo-

nentst of simulators used in pilot

training, entertainment, and other


Speech Language Pathology As-


—Become a school-based

paraprofessional. Administer

speech language screenings and

carry out therapeutic tasks.

Wind Energy Technician

— Rapid

industry growth has sparked a

growing need for technicians. It

takes one highly trained techni-

cian to maintain and repair ten

wind turbines.

Helping students succeed is our number

one priority. LRSC offers educational

outreach and life-long learning oppor-

tunities that encourage our students

to reach beyond their limitations.Enroll

today and take the first step toward a

lifetime of success!

Phi Theta Kappa arrives at LRSC


new student organization has arrived at LRSC. A chapter of Phi

Theta Kappa has been formed, and an official opening ceremony

was held in April 2008 with 22 members joining the organization.

“Phi Theta Kappa shall recognize and encourage scholarship among two-

year college students ... provide opportunity for development of leadership and

service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively

fellowship for schollars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic


Advisor for the new chapter is English/humanities instructor Teresa

Tande. She and Doug Darling, vice president for Instructional Services,

completed certification for Phi Theta Kappa leadership training and can

teach leadership courses with PTK materials.

The chapter has been active in fund-raising activities, including col-

lecting textbooks for third world countries. ●

— Branches, fall 2008 —

Reaching out across the globe

New instructional technology allows LRSC to reach

almost 2,000 students each year.


is a revolving door of

students. They show

up as green freshmen and leave

all too soon as seasoned sopho-

mores. The evolution of higher

education and emergence of new

technology allows our college to

reach out to almost 2,000 students

across the globe each year.

Our on-campus community

has seen steady growth over the

past 25 years due in part to new

programs and changes in technol-

ogy. The addition of many activi-

ties and expansion of the athlet-

ics department has caused our

residence halls to overflow.

LRSC is a small campus and

we have always strived to offer

our local and surrounding small

communities the best in educa-

tion. This often begins with dual

credit. During the early 1990s,

LRSC was the first North Dakota

college to offer dual credit college

courses to high school students.

Using our interactive video net-

work, we delivered these courses

to students who were ready for

more challenging course options

while still in high school.

In 1999, several tenured on-

campus faculty members began

teaching online courses. However,

the shift to online courses really

escalated after 2005 as a new

generation of students, more con-

nected with Internet, found online

courses fitting into their complex

schedules. Part-time students tak-

ing night courses switched to on-

line courses which allowed more

flexibility with work and life.

The first online degree was

an Associate in Arts available

in 2005, and more degrees have

become available—Account-

ing/Business Administration,

Early Childhood Education, Law

Enforcement, Speech Language

Pathology Assistant, and LRSC’s

original Fitness Trainer Techni-

cian program.

Lake Region State College has

always found ways to reach out

to students beginning in the late

seventies with the opening of the

Grand Forks Air Force Base Edu-

cation Center. From our Nursing

programs in Mayville and Grand

Forks to Peace Officer Training

being offered in most major cities

in North Dakota, we are constant-

ly expanding and adapting to the

needs of our students both on and

off campus. ●