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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

Lake Region State College

is committed to being a progres-

sive and diverse institution which

prepares students for successful

living and citizenship in a rap-

idly changing local, national, and

world community. We strive to

offer unique and varied programs

to provide students with exciting

job opportunities and advanced

positions of responsibility.

Associate in Arts


Associate in Science

Universities throughout the coun-

try are transfer-friendly. It’s not

uncommon for the AA and AS de-

grees to be accepted as a block of

study in place of specific first- and

second-year course requirements

Accounting/Business Administra-


—Combines the two closely

linked fields to provide a broad

understanding of finance, man-

agement, and marketing

Administrative Assistant/Office Man-


—Develop the skills neces-

sary to fulfill an essential role as a

professional assistant.

American Sign Language and In-

terpreting Studies


are needed in a wide variety of

settings including education,

medical, human service, legal, and

performance arts.

Automotive Technology

—Work in a

variety of fields in the industry in-

cluding dealerships, independent

shops, and service centers.

Early Childhood Eduation

—Learn to

work with children in childcare fa-

cilities, recreation centers, schools,

private homes, and children’s


Farm Management

—Designed to

provide farmers with the oppor-

tunity to gather information and

develop the skills they need to

keep pace in the rpidly advancing

technology of production agricul-


Fitness Trainer Technician


an invaluable role in promoting

healthy living through proper

nutrition and physical activity.

Discontinued programs

9-1-1 Dispatcher

Architectural Drafting

Cabinet Making


Civil Engineering Technology

Construction Management

Diesel Technology

Eligibility Worker

Fashion Merchandising

Legal Assistant


Recreational Technology



No Change Allowed!

One thing that has NOT changed during the past

75 years is the college’s focus on academics.


eciding what to teach and

how to teach it well was,

and continues to be, the

institution’s highest priority.

Campus leaders and faculty

are continuously engaged in dis-

cussions about educational needs

of students, the workforce, and

the community.

Since our doors opened, the

courses to support core academic-

transfer needs has been a leading

focus. In those days, the school

called itself a “junior college’’

which indicated that it focused

on providing courses that met

requirements for the first two

years of most “senior colleges”

(four-year baccalaureate degree-

granting institutions). Courses

such as math, sciences, speech,

English composition, and human-

ities were critically important, and

remain so today.

Then and now, instructors in

the academic division work hard

to align their course curricula

with those offered by universi-

ties where students are likely to

transfer. Evidence of their focus

on maintaining high academic

standards for students and them-

selves is found in accreditation


Continuous accreditation

since 1974 by the Higher Learn-

ing Commission of the North

Central Association of Colleges

and Schools empowers students

to seamlessly transfer completed

coursework to higher education

institutions across the country.

Maintaining high academic stan-

dards has been a core LRSC value

since 1941—No change allowed!

The tradition of high stan-

dards also applies to Lake Region

State College’s technical edu-

cation programs. Coursework

to prepare students to work in

business environments has been

a focus of the college since day

one. Accounting and business

courses and programs, as well as

programs to prepare students to

serve as administrative assistants,

have always been offered. With

the advent of computers, infor-

mation technology courses and

degrees were introduced. The

marketing and management pro-

gram was also developed to meet

the needs of the community’s

business sector.

Through the years, course

offerings have been adjusted, re-

directed, or re-invented to enable

the college to be more effective.

New programs have been intro-

duced and others were closed

as needs changed and student

enrollment shifted

(see below)


As a small college, Lake Re-

gion State College has remained

nimble and responsive. We take

pride in being able to seize oppor-

tunities and make adjustments,

when needed, to better serve

students and the community. In

this way, change is valued and

supported, as long as there is no

change in commitment to aca-

demic excellence. ●