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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

A lasting tribute to the college’s first half-century

The Paul Hoghaug Library


n January 27, 1994, the Com-

munity College Foundation

hosted the

Library Lift-Off

which marked the beginning of

construction for the new home of

the Paul Hoghaug Library.

The dream of expanding the

library had been born during the

college’s 50


Anniversary Cel-

ebration in 1991. Planners wanted

to create a lasting tribute to the

college’s first half-century, and a

library expansion was chosen as

the focus.

Unsure of the level of local

support—and inexperienced in

fund-raising—college administra-

tors suggested a low-cost, tempo-

rary solution could be achieved

for $35 thousand by closing off a

hallway to provide extra seating

and shelving space. The 50



versary Fund-Raising Committee,

with co-chairmen Norm Leevers

and Fred Hoghaug, studied the

proposal and promptly rejected

it. They challenged college leader-

ship to think bigger.

Thus, a significantly more

ambitious goal was set, and by

anniversary’s end $152 thousand

had been raised for the Library

Expansion Project. Fund-raising

continued after the anniversary’s

end and included efforts to secure

state funding for the project.

The solution to the space

problem was found in an under-

utilized dormitory, South Hall.

The new space was double the

size of the old library, and it

would be equipped with state-of-

the-art technology and comfort-

able furnishings. A new entrance

would allow easy access.

The project became “do-able”

with three major pieces of fund-

ing—Peggy Collinson and her late

husband Jim presented the college

with a gift of $200 thousand for

library furnishings; the estate of

Fred Hoghaug, a long-time bene-

factor of the college, provided an

additional $151 thousand; and

finally, the State Board of Higher

Education allocated $295 thou-

sand from a capital projects pool

established by the legislature. At

long last, the goal of $800 thou-

sand had been reached!

Work was begun with the

Library Lift-Off, and the official

move was held the week of Janu-

ary 30 through February 3, 1995.

Volunteers responded from

all areas—alumni, faculty, staff,

students, Retired Senior Volun-

teers and Boy Scouts, and folks

who just like libraries. Books were

loaded into grocery carts and

whizzed down the hall to their

new shelves. Every afternoon,

three shifts geared up to the task.

Librarian Sharon Evensen kept

volunteers supplied with books

to be moved, and Brenda Seeha-

fer, assistant librarian, directed

unloading and placement.

At the end of the second shift

on Friday, forty thousand books

had been settled into their new

home, along with 175,000 peri-

odicals, AV materials, computer

equipment, projection equipment,

and boxes and boxes of library

supplies. ●

Vital statistics about the move

• 218 volunteers

• 460 hours of volunteer labor

• 2,500 shelves full of books were

moved—40,000 volumes—over

50 tons of books!

• 92 volunteers came from the com-


• Campus volunteers included 27

faculty, 27 staff, and 72 students.

— Paul Hoghaug Library —

grand opening celebration

September 19, 1995

College leadership


rom 1941 to 1967, the superin-

tendent of Devils Lake’s school

district served as president of the

college. In 1967, management was

assumed by a president report-

ing to a local board of trustees.

In 1985, management was placed

with the president of NDSSS with

an on-campus executive dean. In

1987, management was placed

with the president of UND. Man-

agement of the college was placed

with a campus president begin-

ning in 1999.


F. H. Gilliland, President

H. L. Woll, dean


Clarence Erlandson, President

F. H. Gilliland, Dean


Dr. Richard Davison,



Merril Berg, Dean



Merril Berg, President


Clarence Laber, Acting President


Dr. Merril Berg, President


Dr. Dennis Michaelis, President


Dr. Richard Kunkel,

Acting President


Dr. William Taylor, President


Dr. Claire Blikre,

NDSSS President

James Horton, Executive Dean


Dr. Thomas Clifford,

UND President


Dr. Kendall Baker,

UND President


Dr. Sharon L. Etemad,

Executive Dean


Dr. Sharon L. Etemad, President


Dr. Mike Bower, President


Dr. Doug Darling, President