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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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The Great Homecoming

They came from California, Texas, Washington, and

throughout the Midwest to reminisce and remember


embers of UND-Lake

Region’s first class (1941)

and of nearly all classes

since were on hand to help cel-

ebrate the end of the college’s first

half-century and the beginning of

its second. The big, campus-wide

celebration was held the end of

June 1991 and brought to a close

an exciting year.

Expanding the library

has been identified as the college’s

most critical facilities need. Those

who evaluate the college’s ac-

creditation standing pointed out

what our library staff has known

for years—We don’t have enough

shelf space, seating space, storage

space, study room space, work-

room space, computer station

space ... and on and on. American

Library Association guidelines

recommend 16,130 square feet to

serve a student population our

size. Our library is functioning

with 5,600 square feet.

Fixing the problem requires

a lot of dollars—$759 thousand

to be exact! We are looking to the

State Board of Higher Education

and the Legislature for the lion’s

share of that sum; but in this time

of tight budgets, projects which

can show constituent support

tend to be more warmly received.

The Anniversary Committee has

set a goal to raise $150 thousand

and earmarked most of it for the

Library Expansion Project.

The gymnasium hallway was

also transformed during the an-

niversary. It changed from a noisy,

dingy throughway to a bright and

intresting history exhibit. Now

called the

Hall of Fame

, the cor-

ridor has become a showplace for

team plaques and trophies, a place

to recognize campus leadership

achievements, and a place to pay

special homage to unsung heroes

who have given their time and tal-

ents to the college. New initiates

will be added to the Hall of Fame

at the foundation’s annual meet-

ing in October. Former students

and friends are invited to recom-

mend individuals for induction.

UND-Lake Region’s 50



versary will long be remembered

as an event-filled year and a great

homecoming get-together. It will

also be remembered because it

left a tangible legacy—the Library

Expansion Project and the Hall of

Fame. Over 100 individuals vol-

unteered their time and talents to

make it all happen. We salute the

volunteers and all who took time

to come celebrate with us. “Thank

you!” for helping UND-Lake Re-

gion begin its second half-century

with strength and pride. ●

— Branches, spring 1994 —

Hall of Fame unveiled


pecial people have built and

preserved this special college.

Often, these individuals received

little recognition for their hard work

and dedication. The

Hall of Fame


unveiled in June of 1991 as part of the

college’s fiftieth anniversary. Plan-

ners were seeking a way to publicly

appreciate those who have invested

their time and energy, talents, and

resources in the school over the years.

Current honorees are listed below:

Lynn Andrew*/**

Mark Beighley

Mike Bellmore*

Dr. Merril Berg



William Bergstrom

Fred Bingham

Jim Bowen*/**

Jeremy Brandt**

Steve Brekke**

Class of 1941

Sarah Cofer**

Marlo Davis**

Cara Demaine**

Darcy Deutsch*/**

Dennis Deutsch

Clarence Erlandson*

Sharon L. Etemad

Margaret Fawcett

Helen Foughty*

Pat Freije

Dr. J. K. Galloway*

F. H. Gilliland*

T. C. Goulding

Doris Greenleaf

W. A. Greenleaf*

Armen Hanson

A. L. Haroldson*

Rodger Haugen

John Haugland

Durene Heisler*/**

Dr. S. B. Hocking*

Fred Hoghaug

Vivian Hoghaug

June Huesgen

Beth Ihry*/**

Reed Ihry

Pete Jerome

Lois Hefti Jones*



Viola Thoen Keller

James Kirk

Richard Kunkel

Clarence Laber

1989/90 Lady


I. F. LaFleur

Florence Lake

Robert Lawrence**

Carol Leevers

Robert Leevers

Norm Leevers

Larry Liere

Dennis Lysne

Dr. J. H. Mahoney

Rebecca Mercer**

Charles Mertens*

Roger Mertens

Travis Mertens**

Helen Nelson

David Oehlke

Marilyn Pederson

Darwin Peterson

Dr. Louis Pine


Gene Roebuck**

Shantelle Rolle**

1981/82 Royals*

Judy Ryan

Dan Schilz*/**

Duane Schwab**

Dolores Stenseth

Alma Mehus


Leo Studness*

Larry Swenson

Lisa Swenson

Irving Thompson

Jack Traynor

Brooke Treleaven**

Rayna Vitt**

Hugh Welsh*/**

Wayne Westphal**

H. L. “Prof” Woll*

Janet Wood


Original Hall of Fame, spring 1991


Athletic Hall of Fame

Come along for a walk down memory lane!


o commemorate Lake Region State College’s 75



we have prepared this history book which highlights impor-

tant milestones from the college’s last twenty-five years. Reprinted

here are excerpts gleaned from the college newsletter,



programs, newspapers, and many other publications. Some recall

important occasions which shaped LRSC’s role as a significant

educational institution, and others are light-hearted memories of

fun and happy events. We hope you like reminiscing about Lake

Region State College, our great little college on the prairie.