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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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TrainND Northeast


Hanson-operations manager,

Dave Steffan-executive director,

Amanda Zeien-administrative

assistant, Matt Follman-training

account specialist

Dining Services

—(l-r) Jan Eback-cook, Kent Bjork-cook, Bobbi Jo Sin-

kler-cook, James Bearfield-cook, Rose Seibel-director, Barb Freund-cook

Advancement/Community College Foundation

—(seated, l-r) Carla Fre-

schette-web design, Dianne Gunderson-accounts management/publica-

tions, (standing) Jessica Hjelden-records/support, Elonda Nord-grants

management/donor relations, Laurel Goulding-VP Advancement, Erin

Wood-director of development/community relations, Melana Howe-

grant writer

Coaching staff

—(l-r) Jared Marshall-men’s basketball, Shelby Krueger-

coaching assistant, Danny Mertens-athletic director/women’s basket-

ball, Ben Morris-fastpitch, Kory Boehmer-fastpitch, Brigitte Greywater-

volleyball, Kyal Williams-baseball.

Computer Services

—(l-r) Nick

Murchie-systems technician,

Toofawn Simhai-chief information

officer, Gary Haugland-network

administrator, Freddie Griffin-

systems technician


—Melissa Stotts- direc-

tor and Nicole Dinger-bookstore

assistant/state fleet coordinator