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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

President’s Office and Academic/Student Affairs

—Lloyd Halvorson-VP

Academic/Student Affairs, Jennifer Jenssen-administrative assistant,

Shelby Krueger- receptionist, Dr. Doug Darling-president, and Bobbi

Lunday-administrative assistant

Administrative Affairs

—Nicole Lundquist-accounting, Joann Kitchens-

controller, Sandi Lillehaugen-human resources, Becky Lang-payroll,

Corry Kenner-vice president, Jennifer Halvorson-accounts payable,

Denise Kelly-accounts receivable, and Hannah Anderson-accounting.

Administrative Council


ing, l-r) Lloyd Halvorson-VP

Academic/Student Affairs, Corry

Kenner-VP Administrative Affairs,

(seated) Laurel Goulding-VP Ad-

vancement, and Dr. Doug Darling-


Academic/Student Affairs

—(l-r) Christine Blanchfield-student ser-

vices, Celeste Ertelt-librarian, Brittany Westphal-student services, Katie

Nettell-financial aid director, Samantha Goeser-student services, Kristi

Kienast Hernandez-student life coordinator, Daniel Johnson-registrar,

Doreen Hoffman-financial aid, Brandi Nelson-instructional services,

Jade Erickstad-admissions representative, Anne Rasmusson-program

coordinator, Lisa Howard-student services, Stephanie Shock-student

services director, Coreen Berdahl-program coordinator, Brigitte Grey-

water-director of counseling

Physical Plant

Huck Krueger-cus-

todian, Janet Huffman-custodian

Physical Plant Crew

—(l-r) Cliff

VanSteenvoort-maintenance su-

pervisor, Chad Estenson-director,

Darcy Martin-maintenance techni-

cian, Duane Hahn-custodian, Re-

becca Wilhelmi-custodian, Patrick