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July 2016

Dear Friends,

This year, Lake Region State College is celebrating a proud milestone! For 75 years, the college has

continuously provided quality educational opportunities to the greater Lake Region and beyond.

Launched in 1941, LRSC has faithfully served the community, creating and delivering education

services to meet critical needs. Those who worked so hard to build this college are remembered fondly

and appreciated deeply. And all who have helped the college move in positive directions throughout its

history are commended. Taking time to celebrate 75 years is important because it encourages reflection

and increases our resolve to approach the future with courage and tenacity.

I am proud to say that my family and I have been involved in much of the college’s evolution. My

father and his brothers attended in the late fifties and early sixties when the campus was the Pershing

Building next to the high school. My sister was at LRCC in the early eighties, and my brother Dan

was a dual credit instructor in the nineties. My children and their cousins have nearly all attended

LRSC ... my youngest graduated this spring, and another cousin will enroll this fall. I came to the

campus as a student teacher in 1984, as a faculty member in 1988, and have been here in many roles

ever since.

Seventy-five years is both a long time and the blink of an eye. So much has happened in the past three

quarters of a century. The years have been filled with significant challenges and many wonderful suc-

cesses. The college has been blessed with services of effective leaders and tireless advocates. Commit-

ment from the community has empowered the college to weather the ups and downs that, on occasion,

threatened its very existence.

We hope you enjoy this publication which contains many historical highlights and places special em-

phasis on the most recent 25 years. Similar chronicles were prepared for celebrations held to honor the

college at its 25-year and 50-year benchmarks. Together, these documents provide an historic overview

of LRSC’s evolution and service to its community of learners.

Please join me as we celebrate seventy-five years of education and community ... seventy-five years of

changing lives and opening doors to opportunities!

See you soon,

Doug Darling, Ph.D.